Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WOW! That soon!

I was looking at the Calendar, and I did not realize that we leave for Disneyland in 10 days. Leave in 10 days and be gone for 9 days! If I fall over when I come back it is due to sheer joy and being on vacation for 9 days with three energetic kids under the age of 8.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Huge pile!

Any one up for ripping out old blue carpet and molding? I am excited to get going on this project! But did you see that pile of laminate!?! Geesh!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What....Another Valentine Party...Am I crazy?!?

Soooooo....after my card exchange with my friends, the next day I threw my Girl scout troop a Valentines Party (yes I know, crazy is the word). I had the girls make heart shaped Valentine magnets and mold pink roses out of chocolate. Afterwards they exchanged valentines, and doted on red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. TALK ABOUT SUGAR HIGH! Those parents must have looooved me. I even made sugar cookie Popsicles for them as my valentines. (SO CUTE). All in all I had a great time with my girlie's.


Favorite card of the night :)

Last night I had a blast. I threw a valentine card exchange party with some friends from my ward! I decorated with a good amount of red hearts, yummy food and sara F. showed us some cuuuuute valentine crafts. Diane...I LOOK forward to March's "Spring Fling card exchange ;)!!

" I love this time year....Love is in the air! and nothing says "I Love You" like a homemade card....not a traditional, expensive hallmark card that costs $6.00.

Pink Foam

Do you remember these pink foam rollers from when you were a little girl?!? I sure do!
I put them in the girls hair tonight for church tomorrow, well see how it turns out!
Chloe as usual is winking instead of smiling in the picture...LOL!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of Bed????

This morning I was cuddling with my sexy, warm husband and it was sooooooo hard to get out of bed. Do you ever have those mornings when you want to throw the towel in and just go to the beach or run off to an exotic vacation?? A girl can dream can't she........ :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Diana's new Haircut

My Baby Girl just cut off 4 inches! WOW! I think she looks fantastic!


I asked her to go do her Homework and this what I find :)

You did what? And you think its cute...LOL

I come downstairs to this sight. Chloe....Stickers...Face.....CULPRITS: A.K.K brother and sister! Diana and Taylor had stuck stickers ALLLLLL over Chloe. I grabbed this picture of the crime scene! Are they not the cutest....I think I will just have to drop the charges due to "cutness" and "some warm bear hugs."

(sorry chloe's head got cut off in the picture)

Reverence pays off

"Reverence is more than just quietly sitting....." It is being awarded a chocolate bar and having your name announced in Sacrament for being spotlighted the reverent child of the month in primary!

Would you look at the size of that chocolate bar! Its larger than his face! Way to go Taylor baby! You are growing up too fast for the likes of your mama!


Thursday was the last day of lessons for the older two. Diana sucessfully passed onto level 2 and Taylor was almost there in finishing up his requirments for pre-1. Afterwards we celebrated with icecream and sprinkles! De-lish!


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