Friday, November 2, 2012

A month of gratitude

I seem to go back and forth with blogging. With our busy schedules and family life, it's just not a high priority anymore, but something kept nagging me the past couple of days to do so. Pregnancy has softened my heart on many things, opening my eyes to answers I needed to hear so I can heal. The lords timing is not always our timing but I do assure you answers to prayers are felt and received even if the answer comes years or decades later to one when they least expect it. There is much good to come from patience, for it rewards the humble servant who righteously keeps engaged while waiting.
Following those promptings we feel from the holy ghost helps us to know where the Lord wants us to be so we can arrive here, finding peace and comfort in his blessings. And what a blessing it is to be enveloped in his love. Although the world looks bleak and weary outside, I know with assurity it is going to be OK. There are times when I question, "How" or "Why" to the Lord when I do not see how to get from point A to point B but if we stop, slow down and listen; we can hear the sweet small whisperings of the spirit.  Each time we listen to the spirit, we gain a better understanding in our relationship with  our Heavenly Father - learning and growing closer to him to feel of his love for us. He loves each one of us and wants so badly to answer our  prayers. We just need to hold on for all will be revealed within this life or the next.
Am I perfect at waiting for answers - NO! Am I a daughter of God who loves him and knows that he loves me - YES. That knowledge helps me to want to be better, to stand up for truth and righteousness so I can be ready when he is there to whisper which direction to go. I look back on my life and recognize many key points where I listened and where I "really" listened to his council.  It is in those times of clarity that I was engaged and listening with a full intent, putting MY wants aside.
I am grateful for answers. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the book of Mormon is a true and correct book that teaches of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that families can be together forever. I am grateful for my family and the love we have in our home.

I am grateful for this month of November so  I can contemplate these blessings!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Taste of summer

                   After strawberry picking, we zipped up a strawberry-blueberry pie!!

Trophies and tu-tu's

This weekend was one of those weekends you rev up your engine because it is a go-go type of day; One where you do not stop...until you drop!

Saturday morning we started with closing ceremonies for baseball at one of the local high schools. I stink and forgot to take pictures but at the event the kids were recognized for their accomplishments, received their medals and the all-star teams were announced. It was a really fun way to end the baseball season for the players, with prizes and a fun incentive to come back next year for more.  It was fun to see my kids grow and develop over the season, especially my older two. Chloe was not really into it....every practice or game she would hand her base coach a handful of daisies...but it was good for her to try a new skill out!

Diana was on a majors level team (highest in LL right now), and received a trophy! She was very happy about that, especially since it had a softball player on top. This summer Diana will be practicing twice a week to keep her skills up with her coaches, so it should be fun next season to see where she is at, skill level wise.

After closing ceremonies, we dashed home and had ballet to worry about. Chloe was in two recitals that day, the afternoon and evening performances. The performance story was about a painters dream and each of the classes were a color or story about a painting. Some of the younger classes like Chloe's used props such as paint cans, paint brushes, etc, into their dance to create a fun, whimsical addition to their dances. Chloe's class was the color "Orange." The costume was hands down one of my favorites. She will be defiantly  be wearing this one for Halloween as a Autumn Fairy!

At the dress rehearsal

Group picture from dress rehearsal

Chloe and I before her evening performance

She danced beautifully!
The grandparents and her godmother were able to see her dance.

The whole evening was just wonderful and I am so proud of her and all her hard work with ballet.

Now for a week break and then onto summer ballet camp!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Onto bigger things

It seems like yesterday, we were just here... (1st day of 1st grade)

And now our beautiful daughter has graduated the 5th grade....


She was ready, mama not so much, but by the years end, after all her dedication, and hard work....

She received awards at her graduation for best state academic achievement awards for reading and math, beating the old 20 year old reading record (reading certificate), certificate of extra effort, and the certificate of responsibility.

Receiving one of her awards.

Walking across the stage

Let the party begin!!

Diana and her incredible, fun and outgoing teacher, Mr. Anderson.

Diana and her siblings after graduation.

It was a good ride kiddo....
Now off to middle school with you, where we know you will excel, learn, and grow!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Farewell kindergarten

It seems like we just had preschool graduation...

One year later....

She is all grown-up and graduating kindergarten.

At graduation they sang songs, told what they wanted to be when they grew up, Chloe wanting to be a doctor of course, and received their diplomas and scrapbooks. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate their growth through out this busy year. None of that would have been possible without Chloe's AMAZING teacher, Mrs. Prowse. Bless that lady, she truly is a saint.

 Chloe with her friends after receiving her diploma.

Standing in front of Mrs. Prowses door.

And what would Kindergarten Graduation be without a silly picture ;)

I am proud of my feisty little Chloe.

She is one smart cookie!

I know one day she is going to move mountains...

and make a difference in this world!!

We love you Ms. Chloe Nicole,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Reality struck

I am an active member of my children's PTA at school. Today we had 2 staff retiring, and two moving to another school, one of which was our beloved Principal, Ms. Stephens. Gifts were put together, a scrapbook photobook made; all collected to give at the end of the year assembly this morning.
I walked into the school and I was not ready for what was in front of me.

The main display case in the hall way had been decorated with graduation items.

Black graduation caps, balloons, confetti, and a huge sign that said "Congratulations Class of 2019. Best wishes in Middle School."

That's when it stuck me.....

I will have a middle schooler next year.

Yes, let me sit down.

I am not ready for this but know it is going to happen whether I like it or not.

My baby girl is ready.

She is going to do so well next year. She is a good girl and I know I have to let her spread her wings....
For that is life and without these experiences, there is no growth.

Wish me luck. 5th grade graduation is on wednesday, and I'm bringing the tissues!


Our weekend was fabulous and RELAXING!
Saturday morning I woke up to the beautiful sunshine after a couple of days of rain.
After that, me and the girls met up at the new trail system in our town and hit the trails for an easy 5 miles.
It was smooth sailing!
I feel in the best shape of my life right now.
A great feeling after a years worth of hard work.

I have come to love these beautiful women who I have had the pleasure of running with the past year.
They have created drive, inspiration and the power to finish strong in all my running goals.
I honestly don't know if I could go back to solo-running after this experience due to the fact it has become such a part of me.

Liz Robbins from the New York Times says "Long distance running may be the ultimate individual pursuit, offering a time for peace, solitude and communion with one’s body. But for many runners, distance running is the epitome of community, a true testament to the uplifting spirit of the sport."

The old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" proves true when it comes to long distance running, showcasing the point that,  running with others will make you a better runner. Running with others give you energy, spirit and encouragement, making what seemed hard, a easy check of the check-list, finishing goals that you never for saw yourself completing.

Next up on my racing calendar is the Disneyland Half Marathon, Warrior Dash, The Color Run, The Run Away Pumpkin Half and the Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon.

Time to lace up my shoes and get going!

See you all later

Friday, June 8, 2012

Next challenge

I am very excited for my new adventures at church.

Last week after two years....

I was released from Weblos as a Den Leader.

When I got that calling, to be honest...
I was less than thrilled.

Scouts has never really been....
something I was interested in....
It ended up being a good experience for me.
I learned the importance and gained a testimony of the scouting program.
I think it's funny I got released as soon as my son went in....

So now I am savvy on scouts and gained a wonderful friendship with my other Den Leader.

My next adventure and challenge from the Lord?

YW1st counselor.

I am giddy and very excited!

I have been in YW's three times before this and have loved every moment.

This time will be much different though because our ward only has 5 YW....

creating a different flow and structure than I am used to with larger YW's.

I am ready to serve and know this will be another great opportunity to serve the lord and gain a better understanding of his plan. Believe it or not......

Diana will in YW's in 8  months...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phone calls

Yesterday I got a call.
I picked up the phone and I looked at the in coming caller
I thought it had was for me
A friend returning a call I had made earlier
On the other line was her son's voice.....
I said "Hello", and asked for his mother (a bit confused)

His mother got onto the phone and
After three seconds of chit chat, I realized....
She had not made the call.

Her son had.

For my oldest daughter....

A few days before his mom had told me, her son had told my daughter (who likes this boy too) at recess, that he liked her.

In stunned silence...

My oldest said nothing.

Needless to say...

by women already.

I asked my oldest why she didn't say anything...

She said "I've never talked with boys mom. What do you say to them???"

I laughed and hugged her

And told her next time to say "Thank you."

I handed the phone over to my daughter

and she whispered "I don't know what to say!"

I guess she figured it out after a few minutes since I heard her laugh ;)

And that my friends....

means we are officially into the tweens.

The whole thing was very sweet to watch

and brought back memories of my 5th grade crushes and junior high "loves"

Oh childhood....

What an adventure and the things you learn. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Take two

One year ago I ran my first marathon.

It was HOT
And stunk!
It was one of those races that you're proud of for...."not giving up"
The so called racers motto for "enduring to the end....".
When I saw the finish-line last June, it was with angelic like praise.....
 After running my last 4 miles, I almost kissed the finish line after enduring the heat, being ill and injured.

After all of that, you would think in my right mind that I would NEVER attempt such a feat - giving up and throwing in the towel to say "Well I did it and now I can check that off my list", never contemplating it again.
I seriously contemplated it.
Believe me....

So what made me come back for round two of the Newport Marathon you ask?

In all honestly....

My stubbornness.

I knew there had to be more to it.
So I brushed off my shoes and picked myself up and.....

I did strength training
Went running in the rain, sleet and snow....
And best of all found an incredible training partner.

And after months of training and losing 13 pds (nice perk!)......

It came time to face my haunted memories,
peeling back the skin and saying "Oh no you don't...."

The weather was perfect on Saturday.
It was lightly misting, cool, and a balmy 57; Amazing weather to run my third marathon.
My training had gone off without a hitch, leaving me no knee pain, IT-Band issues or sickness.
I was ready to kick this marathon out the door!!

My husband and I got to the starting line early with my friends: Teresa, Kelly and Jennifer.
(Yes, Keith ran it too....with only running 10 times since Feb...but that is his story to tell - HA!)
I knew the lord was with me and that this year was going to be different...
The first 14 miles Teresa, Kelly and I ran 9:30's.
After awhile we broke up, Kelly going ahead and me staying in the middle, Teresa shortly behind me.
We stayed like that for the rest of the race.
Around mile 22, at which point I had been running around 10's to 9:30's....
I started to cramp BADLY.....
I didn't get discouraged though and slowed down A LOT...and trudged on.
Around mile 25, I ran into a friend, a preschool parent from last year, and ended up finishing with her! A very fun surprise.

As I went up that last hill before the finish, a jolt of excitement hit me....

I could hear the crowd cheering and I could taste victory!

Last year I had wanted to run a 4:45 marathon....

And this year I did just that!


And that my sweet success!

June 2, 2012
Newport, Oregon

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I can not express enough, how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, giving me the guidance to listen to those quiet promptings from the lord. 

 A few weeks ago I had one of those promptings
 Giving me a shock......


I seriously wondered "Why",  because this was not what I had in mind. It was not on the itinerary!


After much prayer and meditation, came a peace

A confirmation

A knowledge that this new course was going to bring peace, love and a healing bandage to our family.

It's in those moments of peace that I can not question the Lord because there will times in our life, that we are required to have nothing but faith,  that it will work out.

It is in those moments where we will learn the most, opening our hearts to his message, discorvering a beautiful treasure that was unknown to us before.

We just have to listen.



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