Monday, June 4, 2012

Take two

One year ago I ran my first marathon.

It was HOT
And stunk!
It was one of those races that you're proud of for...."not giving up"
The so called racers motto for "enduring to the end....".
When I saw the finish-line last June, it was with angelic like praise.....
 After running my last 4 miles, I almost kissed the finish line after enduring the heat, being ill and injured.

After all of that, you would think in my right mind that I would NEVER attempt such a feat - giving up and throwing in the towel to say "Well I did it and now I can check that off my list", never contemplating it again.
I seriously contemplated it.
Believe me....

So what made me come back for round two of the Newport Marathon you ask?

In all honestly....

My stubbornness.

I knew there had to be more to it.
So I brushed off my shoes and picked myself up and.....

I did strength training
Went running in the rain, sleet and snow....
And best of all found an incredible training partner.

And after months of training and losing 13 pds (nice perk!)......

It came time to face my haunted memories,
peeling back the skin and saying "Oh no you don't...."

The weather was perfect on Saturday.
It was lightly misting, cool, and a balmy 57; Amazing weather to run my third marathon.
My training had gone off without a hitch, leaving me no knee pain, IT-Band issues or sickness.
I was ready to kick this marathon out the door!!

My husband and I got to the starting line early with my friends: Teresa, Kelly and Jennifer.
(Yes, Keith ran it too....with only running 10 times since Feb...but that is his story to tell - HA!)
I knew the lord was with me and that this year was going to be different...
The first 14 miles Teresa, Kelly and I ran 9:30's.
After awhile we broke up, Kelly going ahead and me staying in the middle, Teresa shortly behind me.
We stayed like that for the rest of the race.
Around mile 22, at which point I had been running around 10's to 9:30's....
I started to cramp BADLY.....
I didn't get discouraged though and slowed down A LOT...and trudged on.
Around mile 25, I ran into a friend, a preschool parent from last year, and ended up finishing with her! A very fun surprise.

As I went up that last hill before the finish, a jolt of excitement hit me....

I could hear the crowd cheering and I could taste victory!

Last year I had wanted to run a 4:45 marathon....

And this year I did just that!


And that my sweet success!

June 2, 2012
Newport, Oregon

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