Saturday, January 31, 2009

leash or not to leash

I have bought a leash for Chloe at Disneyland and I have never used one. I feel like I am a bad mother for buying this "contraption" to keep a hold of my daughter but I also do not want to risk loosing her in Disneyland, since she has a tendency to wander off. What do you think.... leash or no leash?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Mom, If there was a bird....and it flew into our house....would it "bite" my penis off?" said Taylor

(he is sitting naked, getting his PJ's on)

"No they only eat bugs and worms, you have nothing to worry about. " I say.

** I had to hold my hand over my mouth to control HUGE amounts of laughter **

** Staight out of the mouth of babes **

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For my 100th post I want to post something that I have enjoyed reading. This blog is about Stephanie Nielson. She is also a young LDS mother like myself, who loves and enjoys life, but most importantly grasped the true essence of the word joy in her role as a mother. In August 2007 her and her husband were injured and burned badly, 80% all over her body and 30% on his. The pilot instructor passed away shortly after. It is her joy, testimony and whimsical lens to life that made me realize how short life is. Life here on earth is only lived once. May we all strive to have the attitude,testimony, and faith Stephanie lives. Click on the pink button above with the bird and it will take you to her blog. On the right side, there is a blog archive. Start with the earliest entry and read from the beginning... ending with her latest entry.

I guarantee you will not leave with out being touched :).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Measurement and Disneyland

For the past few months the kids have known that we were planning a family vacation down to Disneyland. Early on Diana asked if she could ride all of the rides. I explained to her that since some were fast or designed for older people such as teenagers, adults.
"They require you to be so big" I said. "A certain height or inches."
" How tall do I need to be" Diana asked.

That started a frantic search through the Disneyland website looking at each of the attractions to see what their ride requirements were for riders. She then proceeded to create a chart for each family member and what they could ride (so cute). We then for FHE measured everyone to see how tall they were. Diana 50, Taylor 43, Chloe....I forget right now but somewhere around 37-39?.

Here's the funny part....I have been getting them to eat their meat and Veggies for the past few months because they need their "vitamins and protein" to grow "taller" for Disneyland. LOL!! How horrible is that! (wink wink..... it has worked)

Is this bad???
Now What do I do when I get back.....:)?!? LOL

I love you Mr. Nye

"There is nothing more sexy than a Father that plays with his Children"

** there is a new post below **

Pudding and Paper

Licking up all the Chocolaty Goooodness

(Seriously, Chloe looks like a pirate here, winking at me..LOL! )

Yesterday I grabbed my roll of butcher paper and covered my kitchen table for a FUN activity with the kids. I pulled out my chocolate pudding and had the kids finger paint on the butcher paper. Sugar, Chocolate, hands, squishing, deliciousness...What more could you ask for?!?! Seriously, for as messy as it looks, it was easy as one two three to clean up. Just ripped up the paper, wiped a couple of spots up and Ta-DA...spic and span! I hope my kids do not grow up too fast because I will be sad when I can not do this anymore with them ;)

I just love being a MOM!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Knives, balls, and unicycles

(photos courtesy of J.D...thanks...My camera is broken and not coming until tues!)

This weekend while my poor husband had to work again :(, I took the kids to the A. Parks and Rec Juggling Show. The parks and rec schedule several performances a year for children that include Chinese acrobats, magic shows, jugglers. Best of all it is free. On Saturday we went to see the Juggler. He was quite funny and best of all was a great act to watch for all ages. We showed up on time and it was PACKED!!

Taylor's favorite part was when he climbed up the row of swords and juggled 3 swords at the top. I told him "not at home!" When he came home he grabbed his play sword and was trying to juggle it. SO cute! While leaving there was a fountain outside the forum. Chloe leaned over a little to far and "plop" went her shoe. I just had to laugh since I had told her not to get to close ;). She was upset but dry :)!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Womens Night Out! Thats what I am writing about! Tonight I held our womens night out at the stake center. It was fab-u-lous. People came in with games, scrapbooking, card making, Family History, in sweats ;), and so on. I loved it. I loved the fact that I was able to get together with these wonderful women in my ward in a casual setting to get to know them better. It was a hit and I think we need to do these more often! I raise my glass to "womens night out"!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kris here you go ;)

My muscle tech instructor also keeps blog in which she listed 25 random facts about herself. They were funny and surprising (in a good way Kris). So in honor...I will list 25 random things about myself.

1. I love love love planning parties. I get into the whole planning the decorations, theme, accessories...well you get the idea. Now I do not always have the money to do everything I want, but hey that's the whole fun of it, being creative!

2.I am scared of being bored. I have OCD about being busy...ask my mom. I have always been this way. I always am trying something new to learn or do or taking on a new project. I figure its better than just sitting ....SCARY!!

3.Unlike my instructor, I kick people out of beds when sleeping. Every morning when I wake up my husband is hugging the edge of the bed with "very" little covers. I do not know what I am doing when I am sleeping but I guess I am pretty ruthless.
** update now after years of being battered in bed...Mr. N sleeps with a separate blanket so he does not get hypothermia **

4. I have a "LOVE" obsession with onions. If I could eat Red Robins tower of Onion Rings everyday and not be the size of a blimp... I WOULD!

5.My biggest pet peeve is being LIED too!

6.Someday when my children are grown or older, I am going to go back to school and get a masters in Nursing so I can become a midwife and deliver LOTS of babies.

7. I want to buy an old Victorian home along the seashore or in the country with my husband when we are in retirement.

8.I am a science nerd. I love watching science medical shows on TLC or dateline specials.

9. Do not wake me up when sleeping. I am extremely CRABBY! I will bite your head off. Sad but true.

10. I love serving people. "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are in the service of your god."

11. I LOVE HOME IMPROVEMENTS! I am not scared in this dept. I am the one going to home depot and reading the Home Improvement books. Some of the guys at home depot know me and my kids name. There is something about ripping out the old and rebuilding that is extremely gratifying. I have fixed Garbage disposals, dishwashers, huge holes in the wall, textured, painted, weather proofed my home....very fun for me because my house is like one "huge" craft project.

12. I do not mate my socks. I have a huge sock box in my bedroom that everyone goes to to find socks. Some day I will mate them all and when I do I will throw a sock hop in honor.

13. I have lots of Ideas to write children's books. Now I just need to sit down and write one!

14. Cooking is an adventure for me but baking is where my passion is in the kitchen.

15. I mooned a car full of missionaries once on accident. True story!

16. Out of all the guys I dated or went on dates with, I only ever dated one white guy. Weird but true. ** who would have guessed I would have married an Asian?!? **

17.I have a weird thing about my socks. I have to have the seam at the end. Sorry but i just bugs me?!?!!

18.When you get me started on a project I seem to have tunnel vision and forget all else! This can be bad and good, its all on how you look at it.

19. A good friend to me is someone who truly listens. I have been blessed in this department. Yow know you are ;)

20. I despise people who are clicky! I do not like to leave people out. My whole life I love to befriend those who are in the shadows. They are the ones who truly need a friend and who have become some of my best friends. There is no need ever to leave a fellow sister along the wayside!!

21. One of my favorite moments as a mother is watching my newborn baby sleep in my arms early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. It is experiencing a little piece of heaven on earth!

22. I love making dinner for other people. DO not ask me why but I DO!! I just love the look on their face and how it makes them feel. I know personally, and you know who you are...there are some dinners that were brought to me on nights I really needed them.

23. I have been blonde (i mean blonde!!), red hair, red-purplish hair (The YW loved that one....I was the cool leader), black (for one week, not good), dark brown, light brown, auburn, ok....pretty much the whole color AISLE!!

24. Relief society. Ahhh, what can I say. I was in primary for 5 years and YW for 2 1/2. I forgot what I was missing. I love the sisters!

25. I am in shock that my daughter is going to be 8. She is now in SENIOR primary at church. I have been truly blessed by this little girls sweet spirit. Diana rose I love you and am proud beyond measure!


I AM SOOOOO FLIPPIN EXCITED!!! Our laminate floors are in!! We ordered Laminate flooring to cover the entire downstairs and it came in early. I have been VERY impressed with lumber liquidators and their service. If you are in the market for wood flooring, I would definantley check their website before going to HD or lowes! For the whole downstairs it was only $1258. The laminate we purchased was on a clear out for .79 a sft!! We saved over 2.50 cents a sq ft. It has great reviews and I am just VERY enthralled with the idea I will have NO MORE UGLY blue carpet soaking up dirt and kid messes!! HUURRRAY!!

New Idea

So I was VT today and as I was sharing the lesson I remembered a tip my friend had shared with me years ago when we lived in "C". Before she would start any cleaning of the day she had the rule for herself that before she could start any cleaning, she needed to read her scriptures before beginning. I loved that idea and for a new goal this year I intend to read my scriptures before I can do any chores around my house. My friend stated years ago that it helped her start the day in a better mood and helped the work go faster. A new year for new goals and ambitions. Hurray to 2009!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Show

I love watching the "Daily Show" with John Stewart! He puts things out there how they really are when no else wants to say them!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday I was looking at my blog and realized that my bush countdown clock was no more needed, that before our eyes our 44th president was to take the most sacred oath of office. It was an amazing sight that choked me up. As a nation and as a society we knelt together as a democracy to start tearing off the bands of racial prejudices. We elected a president who is African-American and white. A mix. A combination of two races who so for hundreds of years have brewed with hated of one another over the cruelty and unjust acts put upon the supposed lesser race. My daughter watched the Night Obama accepted the office of president back in November and said "Mom, this means a Korean can be president too." Simple words from a 7 year old but like Obama said in his speech....60 years ago his father would not have been able to sit down in a restaurant to eat.

There is still an insurmountable amount of hatred in this world but today this gave me hope that one day all individuals will realize that all men are entitled to the freedom this country grants us. Let freedom ring!!

Step Class

Ok...I just returned from step class and HELLLO! I have never taken a step class before and I thought I would give it a try.....but I loved it. I usually am the cardio kick boxing type of gal but since they do not offer that through the parks and rec I thought I would do step. The gal who teaches it was great and gave me a FANTSTIC work out. "hello watch out for a sweat spill on aisle 8!" I am still on my after exercise high...well see how good I feel tomorrow when I go to Muscle tech....LOL!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A day at the Zoo

The kids and I spend a wonderful day at the zoo today.....seeing the new baby elephant "Sam" and other fantastic animals but unfortunately do not have any pictures as proof. Our digital camera Died today, a graceful death (one that I have been hoping for ;). I went to go take the kids picture at the petting zoo and bam, the lens would not pop out...even better a few moments later it wouldn't even turn on but to say "internal error." So needless to say we are in the market for a new camera.....anyone have any suggestions?? I would love to hear from you.

Zoo and MLK

Hey I just thought I would let everyone know that you can get into the zoo today for free with canned food or food for the oregon food bank day. It is in celebration for MLK day and to help out the oregon food bank! Enjoy a day at the zoo for a good cause!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey just so you know! Its girl scout COOKIE time. If you would like to purchase girl scout my adorable little brownie to order some today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowling and Godmothers

This weekend we had the privlage of having my "sister" down here to visit. She is the guardian of our three children or A.K.A godmother. While she was down here we were able to take the kids and her bowling. It had been a couple of years since I had taken the kids bowling but it was a lot of fun to see them attempt at this. Believe it or not Chloe, our youngest beat the other two....who knew?!? We put up the bumpers and had a ramp that they would roll their bowling balls down onto the lane. Chloe was the cutest. She would yell, go ball-go. Our friend, K, beat up the whole fam by talling up a score of 144! Way to go Auntie K! We love you! Come back and visit soon :)

Chef Chlo-Bear

Saturday mornings are the day for pancakes, whip cream, sticky buns, omlets, bacon, sausage, muffins, hashbrowns....ok you get the point....we LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast food on the weekend. Well since church is at the blessed hour of 9am we do our large brunches on Saturday mornings now. I pick out a helper and they get to help me in the kitchen with all of the wonderful cooking.

Saturday morning we decided to use my FABULOUS griddle my mother gave me for christmas (seriously for a family of 5, I can not believe I did not have one of those sooner!) to make mickey mouse pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I love this picture of chloe because she was right up there helping me cook (cough Cough, I mean eat all of my pancakes ;) !

I love this girl! She from the begining has been my little fire bean. She loves helping her mommy cook and especially stir! I love you Chloe! One day will be a wonderful chef ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Be-lated Christmas

So we have been a little busy as usual around here and I realized that I had not posted my Christmas pictures on my blog yet. Yikes and It is already Jan 8th!! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We stayed in A. this year for our first Christmas just as our little family. We read the Christmas story with the children and had them put on a little pagent complete with my bathrobe, keiths work shirt and lots of other props :). We then had the kids each give three gifts of service to the savior as his birthday presents. After that we made a white birthday cake to celebrate his birth (very fun for the kidd-o's). It was so cute to see them so excited to talk about the savior and his birth.

In previous years Keith and I felt that we had focused to much on santa and not on the savior so this year we focused on the birth of Jesus Christ and heard very little of the big red guy. It was a wonderful Christmas season filled with LOTS-O baking, friends, family and the spirit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

swimming and sanity

So we started swimming lessons at the SA. Community Swimming pool last night. Diana and Taylor were eager to jump back into the pool literally. Their class sizes were smaller which is nice because in the summer "EVERYONE" decides to put there children into lessons resulting in overloaded classes. Taylor with only three and Diana 4 in her class.

Diana has become so comfortable with the water and is almost there in completeing her requirements for level 1. She was floating and bobbing under the water with less hesitation than last time. YEAH!

Taylor of course enjoyed getting onto the float board and splashing. Being a boy, he goes straight for the more desirable parts of lessons like jumping into the pool, and playing with the pool toys....not learning how to kick properly. ;)

I am so grateful for this great program near by! It has made me want to start swimming again! We as a family mainly go swimming together in the summer at our local swim parks. We should go more often though as it would be good for my husband (he does not like swimming) and my kids!! Lessons were a wee bit hetic though because my husband is coaching the YM basketball team..."Go three lakes ward" and has youth mutal afterwards. So needless to say I am taking my kid train and the swim tub with me to the pool all by myself :)


I have heard from a few of my friends and family that they are trying out facebook. I was a little hestitant to join due to the fact I have a hard time keeping up with our family Blog but yes I am on face book now under Rachel Nye. Well see how well I keep up! See ya there.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tis My fair Lady and blessings ?!?

My kids were watching the new movie Pippi-longstocking from Grandma Ann when my son leans over to me and whispers into my face

Taylor: Pss mom!

Me: Yes :)

Taylor: Did you know you are SOOO beautiful. (hugs) I love you.

Me (heart melts): Thank you Taylor. Ahhh (hugs) I love you so much.

Taylor: I know! You should thank god for sending me!

** Straight out of the mouth of babes **

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wall of 2008

As I looked back through my LOADS of pictures from 2008 I realized how busy we were as a family. Numerous changes occured in each of our lives, difficult and some easy but what I took from 2008 was that through all the changes we will always have the steady hands of our family to grab onto. Family is a treasure, one that will be there for you through thick and thin, into the eternities. May we all go into 2009 with a thankful heart and goals in mind because right now in 2009 it is a blank slate. We only live life once, so lets use 2009 as a year to experience life to the fullest and reach for the stars !!!

Enjoy! (It was not possible to include everything of course as there was 2000 pictures from 2008!!)


love , the nye family :)


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