Thursday, January 8, 2009

Be-lated Christmas

So we have been a little busy as usual around here and I realized that I had not posted my Christmas pictures on my blog yet. Yikes and It is already Jan 8th!! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We stayed in A. this year for our first Christmas just as our little family. We read the Christmas story with the children and had them put on a little pagent complete with my bathrobe, keiths work shirt and lots of other props :). We then had the kids each give three gifts of service to the savior as his birthday presents. After that we made a white birthday cake to celebrate his birth (very fun for the kidd-o's). It was so cute to see them so excited to talk about the savior and his birth.

In previous years Keith and I felt that we had focused to much on santa and not on the savior so this year we focused on the birth of Jesus Christ and heard very little of the big red guy. It was a wonderful Christmas season filled with LOTS-O baking, friends, family and the spirit.

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The Tanuvasa Family said...

Rachel your kids are gorgeous, just as I thought! Cute blog!


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