Monday, September 29, 2008

I am new to this blogging world but I saw that I was tagged by Heather so I have to write a list of interesting and weird things about myself. Hmm lets get started.....

1. When I was little I would dress up my little brother in girls clothes (including rollers) because I wanted a sister. That stopped when my brother told my dad he wanted to be a girl. Oops!

2. I married my highschool sweetheart.

3. 2 of my babies were born on their duedates

4. I have a famous Grandfather who was one of the pre-revolutionaries to work with In-vitro Fertilization and the method "how to choose the sex of your baby."

5. In high school almost everything I wore and decorated my room with was limegreen

6. I love to eat left over onionrings from Red Robin wrapped with a Fried Egg in the morning for breakfast (Not healthy at all!)

7. I wish I could be Ann Shirley and Diana Berry's friend (I Love the ann of Green Gable Series)

8. I am absolutly in love with sean connery's voice (yes keith knows).

9. I used to be quite good at drawing when I was younger but stopped (could kick myself in the butt for that one!)

10. Someday I want to publish a Childrens Book

Alright.... I Tag Jenny and Jen!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

7-0 And the Daisies win again

I just had to say that Diana and her teamates did an exceptional job today at soccer and won 7-0. Diana was goalie today and let no ball past her! Way to go girl! We are so proud of you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

You gotta love'em BEAVS!

I just had to say before I go to bed tonight that I am SOOO proud of my beavers. If you did not know and I do not know how you could possibly not as it is in the news but the beavers went against USC, ranked number 1 in the country and WON. Now if you have not been following the season, the Beavers did not start out with a good season loosing their first two games. Now Freshman Jacquizz Rodgers ran 186 yards and two touchdowns, and Oregon State built an early lead and held on for a 27-21 upset victory over top-ranked Southern California.

I am very proud to say right now that I am a Beaver and yes that is better than being an oregon &%!? ( sorry the use of that word is not allowed in our home :)...! Keep dreaming Beavs because we know you can take down U of O in the Civil War!

AYSO Soccer

Diana has been playing soccer for two years now. She started in Corvallis when she was in kindergarten through AYSO and to be quite honest I signed her up to toughen up my little princess. Now two years later I have seen my little star blossom this year. Last year we saw some progress but this year I see her out there being aggressive in the girls faces and getting the ball. When I went to sign her up though in Albany, she did not have a coach soooo it ended up that my terrific and wonderful husband is coaching her team the Dasisies. He went through all the training and spends time thinking out drills and exercises for practice.

** Keith practicing with the Daisies **

The first game went not so good as it ended 9-0 ( hello.... there was this girl that made 8 out of the 9 that was like soccer skipper!). The following game was a much improvment over the week before! Diana and her team won 5-0! Keith was really proud of his team and I think it helped boost their spirt from the previous loss earlier.

Chloe at Diana's Soccer practice. I just LUUUuuv this dress on her. This girl would wear a dress everyday if she could. Even in winter she wears dresses with her jeans under the dress!

Hello to Landis! From Taylor

We heard from a reliable source that Landis is missing Taylor Nye! Taylor was very sad to hear this and wants to bring Landis some smiles. Taylor says

" Hi Landis." "Thank you for being my friend." "Thank you for playing with me." "Love you." " Landis, We need to go on a roller coaster in Disneyland." " Bu-bye."

** Landis - Taylor doesn't mind if you call him anytime! Love, Mama Rachel **

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW school

My baby Girl is 7 1/2 now and Started 2nd grade this year at a new school here in Albany. We loved Adams the past two years for the parental involvment, activities and fabulous teachers that had to offer the students. Moving here I was picky where we bought a house due to the fact we are going to be here for awhile thus I want my kids to go to a great school where they will recieve the education that will help them in their foundation years of learning. When researching the schools I continually heard great comments on the principal, teachers and staff of periwinkle. There were other schools I would have chosen as well but this seems to be a good fit. It is a very large school, crowded would be more the right word for it. But hopefully as the new school is built next year it will take down the num. of the students out of periwinkle next year.

Her teacher is Mrs. Filley and there are "31" STUDENTS in here class. Yes you heard me 31! Yikes! I was worried when I heard that but am not worried as much now after meeting her teacher and seeing the HW come home. I was an elementary education major and I just do not know how we are supposed to give these kids the attention they need if you put 1 to 31 as the ratio! I do hope after this economic mess is fixed (will take a long time!) that education in this country really be looked at. The no Child left behind act that was passed has become the nightmare for teachers as now all that we worry about is the test score and not the student on paper. Teachers out there you really do have some of the hardest jobs out there! So keep on working hard because there are kids out there that need you...not a test score! :)

P.S I will post pictures and more about Diana later! I have to get back to writing my Talk for Sunday! Wish me luck! I am nervous! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you think the Breast is Best?!?

Ok I was just reading and I found this article that just made me go "WHAT" were they thinking. I mean as an alumni of breastfeeding moms I know how it feels to be a cow but this just makes you scratch your head. Read this and I hope to hear what you think?!!

ANNOUNCING Tasty Tuesdays

For all of those who know me, I LOVE to cook and bake. I do not always find the time to bake and cook every day but when I do cooking relaxes me and becomes an adventure on what I can create next. (Attention - not all cooking experiences come out bisquick on top of day old spaghetti noodles does not make a great casserole. I learned that the hard way as a newlywed. Needless to say I still can not live that one down from my husband! But I don’t blame him as it was atrocious and gooey, not in a good way...LOL)

So sorry...I tend to go off on tangents. Every Tuesday I want to share my tasty treats. Some weeks it may be a casserole or a soup or just good ol' sweets to tempt your naughty side.
So for your first TASTY TUESDAY I want to introduce you to my FRESH Blueberry muffins

Blueberry Muffins

1 3/4 cups flour 1 beaten egg
1/3 cup sugar 3/4 cup milk
2 tsp. baking powder 1/4 cup melted butter or cooking oil
1/4 tsp. salt 1tsp. shredded lemon peel or juice (optional)

1 heaping cup of frozen or fresh blueberries

In one bowl combine all of the dry ingredients while in another bowl whisk all of the wet ingredients together. Next pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients stir until moisten. Next gently add blueberries and lemon peel (optional).
Next top blueberry muffins with streusel topping (combine 3 TBSP of flour, 3 TBSP of Brown sugar and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. Next cut in 2 TBSP of butter until the mixture resembles crumbs.
Next bake them in the oven for 15-18 minutes @ 400.
** Fun option for the kids is to make these mini muffins and have them top each muffin with a blackberry or a blueberry.... Saturday favorite here! **

Beauty of the Internet

For those of you who are internet savy.... I just have to say if you have not discovered craigslist yet you are missing out on some awesome deals. Yes you have to check often and sift through must I say "the garbage and junk" but in the end you end up with things such as free roses, playgrounds, toys, tillers for your yard, free fruit to can fruit with for food storage and endless fabulous deals! I found all that I have listed and much more. I know my friend Amanda Can testify to it! Just try it when you need something : With a little bit of patience and "time" you will find what you are looking for.

Have fun thrifting!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Room Service please

I just had to share this conversation I just had with taylor over cleaning his room....

t: I DDDDDDDDDDoooon't want to clean my room. I don't have a brother to help me.

m: Taylor you do not need a brother to help you clean your room. Go clean.....!

t: If I ask heavenly father for a brother he will give me a there (with some tude!)

m: Whatever taylor! Go clean!

** Later at lunch Taylor says in his prayer of blessing the food " and please give me a brother so "he" can clean my room."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn brings about new blogging goals

Hello to all. I started this blog a year ago but never did anything with it other than post once and then put it far away somewhere I would never remember it until I had a free moment the other day and thought...hmm maybe I will go and find out where that blog went and where I started it.So there ya go. Poof ... with a little magic we are back again in business for your viewing pleasure.

I am not even going to try and catch up on posts from the past year other than to name my top ten events of the past year for the Nye FAMILY...... (Drum roll please) The ten from 2007 - current 2008 are....

1. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE - For the longest time since was a little girl. I have always dreamed of owning a house that I could call ALL my own. Well after a little work and many blessings we were able to buy a house. Now by any account I can testify this was not my dream home (hello poop brown house with mint green trim...what were they thinking!) but that this house needed us and we needed it. I know that sounds weird but after much prayer from the lord and the wonderful ward we moved into it truly was meant that we were supposed to be here at this time and in this ward. And although I did not get my 4-5 acres with a farmhouse I know that this little home will bring with it memories and dreams come true.

2. Chloe got ear tubes - Chloe since she was a little baby from 4 weeks old until 16 months had an ear infection in both ears that never left. Finally after many months of our baby girl suffering she had ear tubes placed in both ears. In her first year if life she did not speak much and still today she has a hard time with pronouncing her words. We have a long way to go but our baby girl has come a long way.

3. Taylor went to Pre-school - Last year was an incredible year of growth for my son socially and academically. At CHS (which by the way if you live in Corvallis I highly recommend as the students are great with your children and the curriculum Kristen Hacketthorn teachers is a fantastic laid back atmosphere kids feel comfortable to grow academically and socially) Taylor was able to attend with his two best friends Landis and Gabriel. We had a carpool schedule and the boys became the best of buddies. During the year Taylor made one great friend with a teacher and that was teacher Chris. Chris really reached out to Taylor and worked with him where he needed. Ahh, I sigh as I think that my baby boy is now 4; learning and growing up more and more each day.

4. Diana learned how to play the violin - What an incredible opportunity to have my daughter to take lessons. When I was living in Klamath Falls growing up I was in the strings program. Mr. Monet was my teacher and the fond memories I have of Violin Concerts brings back many memories I was able to have because of that chance to play an instrument. Playing an instrument in my opinion is great for a Childs mind when they are young because of different array of skills it teaches a child. I watched Diana go to her first lesson and by the end of the year was able to play a few songs. Way to go girl!

5. We took the kids camping last summer for the first time (fourth of July and in August 07) -Now when I made the arrangement s to go camping last summer I was a little scared as we had taken Diana camping when she was younger but had not done it since that time. Fast forward to 07 and we had the chance to go. On the fourth of July we went with our friends the smiths and the kids godmother and my dear friend, Karina. The kids were great and we all really did have a fantastic time roasting hotdogs and marshmallows, putting up the tent, hiking and etc. August was even better as we did not have the time crunch we had on the fourth and were able to really able to relax and gain a few pds from all the good food we were able to eat over the fire :).

The top ten will continue at a latter keep a look out! Hopefully we will be able to keep up with this blog because I really have the goal for myself to keep a better record of our family lives. I loved it when someone commented in Relief Society this last Sunday stating that keeping a blog is like journaling. That right there made perfect sense to me as it keeps me in touch with others and I am also able to keep my families family history all on one place!


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