Friday, September 26, 2008

You gotta love'em BEAVS!

I just had to say before I go to bed tonight that I am SOOO proud of my beavers. If you did not know and I do not know how you could possibly not as it is in the news but the beavers went against USC, ranked number 1 in the country and WON. Now if you have not been following the season, the Beavers did not start out with a good season loosing their first two games. Now Freshman Jacquizz Rodgers ran 186 yards and two touchdowns, and Oregon State built an early lead and held on for a 27-21 upset victory over top-ranked Southern California.

I am very proud to say right now that I am a Beaver and yes that is better than being an oregon &%!? ( sorry the use of that word is not allowed in our home :)...! Keep dreaming Beavs because we know you can take down U of O in the Civil War!

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