Monday, August 30, 2010

H2C 2010

What can I say about Hood to Coast??
You cram 6 people into a van, hopefully with everything you need to run 197 miles  from Timberline lodge on down Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon with your 12 teammates. You're hot, sweaty, and  tired but having the time of your life. There is no other race like it in the world of racing. I had the privilege of carrying the team through the finish in Seaside and as I ran down that mountain into seaside I teared up with emotion as I came to the end of our journey. 
It was an accomplishment that words do very little to describe.
 I am no longer a Hood to Coast virgin but a veteran and I honestly can say.......

Here's to next year!!!

My H2C girlie's!
R, B, K, Myself and Miss. A

R, K and Miss A jumped in LITERALLY at the last possible second days before the race. We are SO grateful you did. It was a pleasure to get to know each one of these BEAUTIFUL ladies over the course of 36 hours. Just amazing!

P.S This is a PRE-race picture.

The girls and our...well as Andi put it... "token male" also known as my hubs, Keith. 

Keith about to grab the slap baton from Zach.

My hubs running his first leg in the HEAT. The nice people who live along the route had sprinklers on and water about the course for the runners to drink.

Keith was GLAD to be done with that leg!!

When not cheer on your teammates!
Next year I am bringing bells and all tricks in a bag!

K. running leg two. Again, it was incredibly hot! The heat of the asphalt made it not very fun for her.

B and K exchanging!
These girls are training for the PDX marathon and they kicked some serious bootie out on the course!

On the course she was known as S. Martha

Red Hot R.

Hellen on Wheels

R is such a cutie!
I really enjoyed getting to know her through out the relay.

LOVE this girl. She amazed us all with her determination and will power!

A. Finishing up the second to last leg to hand off to me!
I was SO estatic I was able run with her.
She is an amazing woman!


OK! This made me cry! It was a good way to start my final run down the mountain into seaside.

As we came across as a team 31 1/2 hours later.
A dream lived out.

I present the team "Long running jokes."
Thanks again E. family for letting us run with you.
It was an amazing experience and pleasure to run with you all.

Keith's parents were gracious to find us a room that night in seaside and as luck would have it, it was located RIGHT on the finish line. We were able to have a night away and revel in the fun of finishing Hood to Coast. I love this man and am so grateful he was able to be on the team.

Hood to Coast come again soon!
I can not wait for 2011 fast enough!



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bishop shot and killed at Mormon church in Visalia

Bishop shot and killed at Mormon church in Visalia

Click on the link above.

Please pray for this man's family.

Violence is senseless and evil.

My thoughts are with Bishop Sanners family.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Freaking OUT











BUT wait you wont be able to ask me....I will be in the hot tub!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Its been awhile

Its been awhile since I last had a job. 3 kids became my full time job years ago, especially when I had three under the age of 5. Back then it was busy and challenging to have every ones needs met and the house sparkling clean. Diapers, boogies, boo boos, teething, little toddlers were all apart of my world and now that the Nye musketeers are a few years older and more self reliant, life is BUSIER in a  hectic schedule type of way versus physically demanding. Two weeks ago an opening at the kids pre-school opened up for an assistant pre-school teacher for the four day fours (pre-K age). I jumped on the opportunity and was blessed after interviewing to be hired on with A. 1st Christian.  I am beyond EXCITED for this new road in my life and look forward to all I have to learn in my new job.  Wish me Luck! 


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uh OH is right!!

When you find this under the table after dinner and hair stuffed in a napkin in the garbage can.....

you do not think good thoughts.....

you wonder.....

why your four year old would take her school scissors to cut her bangs, pony tail and random chops out of the back of her hair while your doing dishes.....

 Then you see the four year old after she says "UH OH" and immediately call your mom to say.....
"CHLOE just cut her hair!"

You then rush off to the local barber with three kids in tow and say "Can you fix it?????"

The stylist winks and says " Darlin' I've seen worse."  She grabs Chloe by the hand, sits her in a fun chair complete with a movie, stickers, books and a balloon and 20 minutes later..........

You wouldn't even know she had played barber shop now would you ;-)

All in a days work, right?!?


P.S This girl NEVER makes life dull....

A tradition

Every summer and some winters Keith and his sister Jennifer (Jen) would visit their family cabin in Idaho along the shores of Donelly lake.  My mother in law's family built the cabin together years ago with tender loving care, adding and changing the cabin over the years. It's a neat old, rustic cabin (well you do have a shower and running water) set back from the lakes shore with a view of the mountains and peaceful landscape of wildlife and the forest. Ever since we were married years ago we have wanted to come to the annual fourth of July get together at the cabin to watch the fire works and enjoy a few days at the lake with family. Unfortunately time, money and life have gotten in the way of traveling the day long drive over to the cabin. When his grandmother passed earlier this year plans were made for a family memorial at the cabin and we were blessed to be able to attend and enjoy the time to meet his mothers side of the family I still had never been able to meet.

Grandpa and Grandma Nye
They have been married 42 years!
Canoeing on the lake.

Daddy and Clobear making sandcastles

What would a weekend at the family cabin be without smores??

She tried SO hard to catch a fish all week......
Buckets, Strings, cups, fishing lines were all used but without success.

Marshmallow on the nosey!
It means the smore was just that gooooooood......
Diana figuring out she had marshmallow on her nose
and trying to dodge the camera......
Little did she know I had already gotten it on film

Taylor baby by the fire pit.

Keith and his sister, Jen

Jaime, Kory, Jen, Keith, Nerida, and Nikki 
(Keith is the only male cousin) 
All of the cousins sitting on Grandma Mitchell's memorial bench
Keith is holding her remembrance plaque 

The family together!
It has been over 10 years since this happened.
Way too long!

The Nye Family

We were there to celebrate this wonderful woman's life and legacy.

An excerpt from her obituary
Marjorie died Oct. 22nd, 2009 at the Cottages, a Payette care facility. She was born in Grant , Iowa to the parents of Fred C. and Leila Smith. While moving from Iowa at a young age, she was accompanied by her parents and three of her six brothers. Elementary through high school were spent in Glenns Ferry where she graduated valedictorian. To get to school she frequently rowed herself and brothers across the Snake River . Her dad sold a calf so she could attend Albion Normal, a teacher's college. While teaching in Ten Davis, she met her future husband William (Bill) O. Mitchell. During WWII, she worked in San Diego as a riveter for the military. After returning to Parma she owned a women's dress shop for a short time. She returned to teaching in Parma and then finished her thirty-seven year teaching career in Nyssa , Oregon . Her later retirement years were shared with her family and friend /companion Bert Miller of Boise . Bill and Marj had three children: Linda (Larry) Nye of Portland, Vicki (Joe) Bowman of Payette, and Keith (Sally) Mitchell of Boise. She has six grandchildren and five great-grand children. Linda, Vicki and Keith followed in their mother's footsteps and became teachers. Marj was preceded in death by her husband Bill, four of her brothers, and her parents. She had a fun-filled life where she lived in Parma and Boise .


It was a wonderful week at the lake with family. We enjoyed playing games, late nights reading and talking to get to know one another after years of never meeting and the great outdoors.  My kids loved meeting the family and really loved cousin's Kory and Jaime. Poor Jamie got dog piled more than once. I loved seeing the cabin Keith  had talked so much about  in his childhood memories spent boating, biking down to his ice cream shop and fishing and swimming in the lake. I hope the time we all can be together again is less and far in between next time. Family is a precious blessing and the time we spend with them is a gift. I am sure that day Grandma Marj was smiling down, happy as a clam that we all could be together as a family at the cabin.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend at the coast

After California we were able to catch up with some old friends from our college days at OSU at Cannon Beach for an afternoon of playing on the beach and dining at Mo"s afterwards. In all the fun in catching up I only shot one picture the whole afternoon! Boo. Our friends have four beautiful children now and Claire who is pictured below is the same age as Diana. They look like sisters! It was a lot of fun to catch up and see their baby who was just a newborn when they left and their newest addition. Thanks J Family!

Diana stole a shot of us!

Taylor working industriously on making a dam with some water and sand.

Father and son using their engineering brains to make a river system. It was quite the afternoon project.

The Final result. Pictures do not do the final prioject justice. Kids from all around loved it.

Psst!  I love this man!

After leaving Cannon Beach we took a drive into Seaside to steal a ride on the old time carousel and grab some .75 Tillamook Ice cream cones. My favorite flavor was was the Sticky Bun. It was like eating a cinnabon in icecream form. Amazing stuff!

The kids were rocking the rainbow sherbert.

Taylor on his knight horse.

Diana on her black stallion.

Clo-bear my pretty princess

The next morning we headed out to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I had not been there since I was 12 and wanted to take the kiddos to see the cheese making process and of course to eat Squeaky Cheese!

Don't you think they would make cute little farmers?
Maybe all that  energy that have would go well towards farm chores!

A cheese cutter.

Number one and Two checking out how they package the cheese blocks.

After a fabulous lunch of cheese, ice cream, and jerky we headed north through Garibaldi
and made a pit stop at the Maritime Museum.
The kids loved all the pirate and sailor history in the museum . They even had a CUTE kids area where you could make a bucket like they had on the ships to mop and cook and other fun activities.

Taylor the engineer directed us all in how to put it together

Who are these two did they get in here?!?

Taylor in his HUGE sailor pants. He wanted to take the hat home.....the replica in the shop downstairs cost $60.00......Mom said "No."

Chloe playing a sailor boy.

Keithie boy.

HA HA HA.....He hates it when I call him that.....

The medical kit doctors used to use on ships.
Most ships did not have dcotors....the captain used it. SO glad I was born when I was born. I love my antibactial cleaners, plumbing, CLEAN water, and so on. That saw looks like it should go into a tool box not a doctors kit!

It was a RELAXING, AMAZING (I say that word a lot) weekend with my husband and kids on the coast.
We needed it
 I am so blessed beyond measure to have the life I am living. Life is so so good.



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