Saturday, August 14, 2010

The rest of Cali-for-nia.....

OK seriously....since California...I feel like we have been non-stop traveling or doing something .... so to wrap this up I am going lightening fast over the rest of our California trip.....

If she is not already cool enough
Shannon had this AMAZING inflatable water slide in her front yard!

It was blown up and ready for the kids to jump into the minute we pulled the van up.

It only took them a couple of minutes to strip and jump in.

Yes it included water pistols! One which got me soaked by a certain brown eyed boy.....
One evening we roasted marshmallows over the fire.....

It was 101 while we were doing it.

Yes 101.

Welcome to California =-).

101 or not it was still a lot of fun and yummy too.

We were able to visit the Shasta Dam and see the three Shasta's: Shasta lake, dam and mountain.

The Shasta dam is apart of the California aqua duct system that brings us yummy produce to Oregon when its raining non stop in the winter.

Thank you California sunshine!

Look how blue the water is. It was very beautiful at Shasta lake. You can actually swim in the California lakes because they are warm. You will not get hypothermia and shiver to death while swimming. Maybe I should move to California for the summer?

Oh wait....they were here too. 7 kids and a baby (not pictured) and 3 moms.

Yes I know we rock.

On another peaceful, GORGEOUS night Shannon took us to the Sundial Bridge in Redding.

The bridge is made of glass and metal. The panels of glass are frosted because people walking over used to get vertigo from walking over the bridge. At night they light it up creating a glow under the glass, a wonderful serene feature that only enhances the beauty of the bridge. 

Little D and I under the bridge

S and her Daughter B.

While we were there the kiddos got their faces painted.....

The boys went for the captain American look.

Chloe went more feminine
Super heros are not really her forte.
* for some reason I missed getting pictures of Diana and B *

Along with other various things we visited, we also got the chance to visit  Turtle bay exploration park in Redding.
Check it out at

I loved it because our science pass we have through the Gilbert House got us free into Turtle bay!

I think this picture is hilarious.
Road kill anyone?

That is a racoon on my head.
No one was hurt while filming this moment.
Well the nine year old putting the raccon on my head did get tickled a little.....

This park has an assortment of things for the visitor...gardens, shows, wildlife, exhibits...and so on. VISIT IT!
We had a blast and did not even get to see half of it.
 and to end this blog post after writing on it for two weeks I will end with our trip to Waterworks water park.
It's a local water park near Redding, CA. In Oregon we have nothing  remotely like this because it's not warm enough to have one open year round.  Waterworks has all sorts of water slides, kid areas and frightening tube rides you could go on. Taylor could not get ENOUGH of the River rapids. When you saw him come down that treacherous, wet, bumpy ride over the rapids, his face was golden!
He was hooked.
 He rode it 28 times.
 No joke.
Even the life guard asked if he wanted to try anything else.

He only rode two other rides a couple of times and then went...


Look at that face.
Pure joy!

Clo-bear going down the water slide in the kid's area.

Taylor has a thing for sticking his tounge out in pictures currently.

THANK YOU so much.....
Shannon for letting us come and visit you and your wonderful family.
We miss you and had a blast catching up!!

Now if Oregon would only get a In and Out Burger! 


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