Monday, August 30, 2010

H2C 2010

What can I say about Hood to Coast??
You cram 6 people into a van, hopefully with everything you need to run 197 miles  from Timberline lodge on down Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon with your 12 teammates. You're hot, sweaty, and  tired but having the time of your life. There is no other race like it in the world of racing. I had the privilege of carrying the team through the finish in Seaside and as I ran down that mountain into seaside I teared up with emotion as I came to the end of our journey. 
It was an accomplishment that words do very little to describe.
 I am no longer a Hood to Coast virgin but a veteran and I honestly can say.......

Here's to next year!!!

My H2C girlie's!
R, B, K, Myself and Miss. A

R, K and Miss A jumped in LITERALLY at the last possible second days before the race. We are SO grateful you did. It was a pleasure to get to know each one of these BEAUTIFUL ladies over the course of 36 hours. Just amazing!

P.S This is a PRE-race picture.

The girls and our...well as Andi put it... "token male" also known as my hubs, Keith. 

Keith about to grab the slap baton from Zach.

My hubs running his first leg in the HEAT. The nice people who live along the route had sprinklers on and water about the course for the runners to drink.

Keith was GLAD to be done with that leg!!

When not cheer on your teammates!
Next year I am bringing bells and all tricks in a bag!

K. running leg two. Again, it was incredibly hot! The heat of the asphalt made it not very fun for her.

B and K exchanging!
These girls are training for the PDX marathon and they kicked some serious bootie out on the course!

On the course she was known as S. Martha

Red Hot R.

Hellen on Wheels

R is such a cutie!
I really enjoyed getting to know her through out the relay.

LOVE this girl. She amazed us all with her determination and will power!

A. Finishing up the second to last leg to hand off to me!
I was SO estatic I was able run with her.
She is an amazing woman!


OK! This made me cry! It was a good way to start my final run down the mountain into seaside.

As we came across as a team 31 1/2 hours later.
A dream lived out.

I present the team "Long running jokes."
Thanks again E. family for letting us run with you.
It was an amazing experience and pleasure to run with you all.

Keith's parents were gracious to find us a room that night in seaside and as luck would have it, it was located RIGHT on the finish line. We were able to have a night away and revel in the fun of finishing Hood to Coast. I love this man and am so grateful he was able to be on the team.

Hood to Coast come again soon!
I can not wait for 2011 fast enough!




Kimberly said...

I LOVE this blog post! and I'm SO glad that you shared this with me. It was seriously the most fun I've had in a long time. We definitely had an incredible group of people in our van. So much fun!!!

Love ya!

Oh, PS. My blog address is

Ksenia said...

I also really enjoyed this post, it was fun to see all the in-between photos. You all did so great!


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