Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer swimming lessons

When ever I took lessons as a kid they were at indoor pools so when the opportunity arose to have the three musketeers take swimming lessons at the local outdoor pool, I signed them right up.

For two weeks straight we packed up towels, swimsuits and snacks and headed to lessons.
The kids did a great job with Diana passing level 2, Taylor ALMOST passing level one (missed one item on the checklist), and Chloe taking her lessons for her first time. Some days we would stay after and swim for open swim so it was a full two weeks out in sun, enjoying the best of summer. I actually came away with a tan....NOT normal for me at all.

Chloe with her teacher. She was learning to stick her face under water...something she DOES not like to do.

Taylor kicking backwards

Diana on her second to last lesson

Clo-bear playing with Teacher E.

Diana and her friend from school

Swimming lesson for summer 2010 were a success!
I am going to really miss summer this year.....
If you live in the NW you know what I mean!!

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