Friday, September 10, 2010

400th post and 1st day of Pre-K

How appropriate for my 400th post to land on the same day as Clo-bears 1st day into pre-K. She woke up this morning beaming with excitement! "Mom, today is school! Today is school!" she screamed. I laughed and gave her a big mama hug and threw her in the shower so we could send  her to school smelling all clean and fresh....not with the dirt and jelly she still had in her hair.  She let me fix her hair all "pretty", picked out a fancy necklace for the first day and afterwards packed up her backpack full of fun goodies for the first day....(apparently Chloe does not like to leave the kitchen sink behind...geesh!).

Standing in front of the school doors holding her fruit to share for the friendship fruit salad.

At her table job

After school full of energy from a good day at school!
Thanks Mrs.Dole. and Miss Wendi!

I think it was quite a success for her first day.
She said she sang songs, ate fruit, played on the playground, colored, read a book with a friend and missed mommy.  

Busy day?

I am so proud of my clo-bear.

I wish I could stop her from growing up so big. I will miss it when she sneaks downstairs to snuggle with her mama to warm up her toes and kiss her chubby cheeks.

One thing I am for sure that no matter what age...she will always make me laugh.

You are the one that makes mama laugh clo-bear. =-)

 I hope in pre-K this year you have a fanatsic year of ABC's and 123's

Love you pretty girl!

Your mom

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