Thursday, September 23, 2010


I finish my second week at the preschool tomorrow. It has been a renewal time for me in the work place; a time for me in the classroom to reconnect with teaching after years of being away from the classroom.  I am a assistant to the most caring, amazing teacher who is LDS as well. She has been a joy to work with at the preschool and knows the ins and outs of the job well. She was the assistant the previous three years before me :). I look forward to many more years of teaching with her.

I will be honest though. Its been weird having a job again.  Our daily routine is more structured than before and I defiantly wear less work out clothes and baseballs hats, something my husband appreciates. Before I went back to work I would work out early in the morning (still do this!) but come home and get the kids up for school. Now I come home, shower, get the kids ready and head off for our morning rush in dropping off Diana and Taylor ( I hate the bus system so yes I drive and pick them up everyday) and getting to work.  It's literally a sprint until I get to work but for me that works. I enjoy the strict schedule, something I think I was really missing.  The one thing I will miss from before I went back to work is my work out classes. I made some dear friends there and hope we can stay close through running and other outlets.  Life is always offering us new adventures, twists and turns and this for sure is a new turn. It will bring many good memories and blessings to my family for years to come. So bring it on, because I love being Miss Rachel and teaching 11 beautiful faces.

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