Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My Savior Jesus Christ knocks at my soul.....

Some days his goodness and love are beyond my comprehension; his love for me, my family and the people of this world is always there eternally waiting for us to open the door. As of late I feel him tapping me in the quiet moments of my life...to slow down more.
  It has been a good reminder of how important it is to STOP and listen.
Just listen.   

I was missing so much.

He is there with his arms outstretched.  

I promise you.

My family taps at my soul.....

The sweet warmth that my children and husband bring to our home enriches my life with endless possibilities.

 They are my life.

The laughter, happiness, good days and bad days are there for us as a family to hold hands in this journey. 
Not only do we see the bad but we see the good.

My family is that achor that holds me down.

My life and who I am....

A  mother

A wife

A daughter of God

I am so grateful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life for without it, I would not be the Mother, Wife and Individual I am today.

I am his student here to learn so that I may teach my children of his love and gain a greater understanding of his Gospel

Most of all.....

I am on bended knee eternally grateful for his sacrifice so that My family and I could return to live with him someday.

This is good. Very very good.


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