Thursday, September 2, 2010

County Fair

   County Fair.
What comes to your mind when I say that?

When I hear the words County Fair, I think of elephant ears, snow cones, wacky rides, music, shows, pies, quilts and farm animals.
The county fair where we live was free during the week so we jumped on the bandwagon and headed off to the county fair. We met a few friends while we were there and enjoyed seeing the free shows and exhibits they had set up. The kids favorite part of the whole fair was a dog show where dogs did all sorts of tricks wearing interesting costumes. I felt sympathetic toward the dogs because it must have been 100 degrees that day. After the dog show we headed inside a cooler tent to watch a comedy juggling act. Taylor raised his hand so enthusiastically he was picked and dashed up onto the stage where he participated in a mock game show.

The girls watching the show while eating lunch in the cool shade
That's my boy!!

Look what I got Mom!!

Checking out the exotic animal exhibit.

Chloe next to an Angora bunny

Diana  and Clo-bear looking at an enormous python! Yuck.

Yeah...that sign says DO NOT STICK YOUR HANDS IN THE CAGE.
So what do you do?
The picture tells it all.

Petting another bunny.

Diana checking out the chickens

We were able to see how they milk a cow

Diana petting a baby calf.

Feeding the 4-H horses!

We never went near the rides because we didn't need to. The animals and other free exhibits kept us so busy I was grateful the kids never saw the expensive, overpriced rides.  I had a blast even though it reached over 100 that day and even though it had been a few years since we had been to the fair, I'm glad we got the chance to visit!

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