Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go number 2!!

AYSO this year decided to go for "The 50 States" as their theme for the boys teams. An interesting choice in my opinion. Taylor landed up on team "Georgia" and for some reason it was hard for me personally to cheer "GO Georgia." It felt like I was cheering on a little old lady on , you know the old one who sits down at the senior center with a deck of cards about to play pinnacle.  Don't ask me why? It just did.  It is Taylor's second year playing soccer and he is loving it. Keith is his assistant coach, helping out with drills and such at practice. The weather was beautiful for the first game, a nice welcome into the fall season. The boys played well and had a great time on the field....ending the game with a fun victory tunnel for all (although being boys that they are....i think snack is still a favorite).

A mid-air kick toward the goal!

* OK still weird for me *

That was a good game coach!!


I am so in love with this boy.

He rocks the field and his mama's world!

Love ya number 2!

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