Thursday, August 20, 2009

Their baaaaaaaack!

My kids returned last night from their stay with the Grandparents, tired, worn, and full of stories to tell. I must say that our family is SPOILED to have both sets of grandparents so close. We love them dearly and know it a blessing to have them around our children as they grow .

Some of my childhood summers and afternoons were spent at my grandparents house watching my grandfather wood work, playing in the back yard with the tractors and toy cars and watching my grandmother cook and garden....her homemade egg noodles were my favorite. I never knew my father's parents very well except the two times I met my grandfather when I was very young. He was a famous researcher, researching the earliest results for in-vitro fertilization and writing the book "How to Choose the Sex of your baby" by Landrum Shettles. Its saddens me I never knew him better so it is with that, I feel gratitude to have my children have both sets of grandparents active and apart of their lives.


What do you like to do in the summer time ?
We like to catch FROGS make stew with rocks and grass

Maybe that is not such a good idea!

Good Bye Mr. Frog
"See you another afternoon"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"R" and Chloe are neighbors and friends but they also fight like cats and dogs.
So I like to think of it like this....
So there you now have the proper word for someone who is your friend and enemy =)

Its alllllllmost done!

This picture is a little dated because there is no top or other swings/ trapeaze bar hung but right now he only has left to attatch the glider and the slide and yippie well be done! The kids love it already! Keith took his time designing it with the proper lumber and stability in mind, resulting in an amazing play ground! I warn you of some of the box kits because they do not give you that great of lumber! For example our swing bar is a 4x8 not a 2x4 or a 4x4, giving you the proper stability and strenth for 5 kids to be swinging at once and the bar not sway =).
Final pictures coming soon.....after the fence is moved over with a new gate, bark dust is laid, and the other two items are attached =)!!
I love you babe. You are an amazing father!!

I want to Fly like an eagle.......

..... is the song I was listening too when I took off running for my first 10K race and fly I did. I signed up for the Garlic Festival 10K with my friend, Lauren and together we completed the course in a little over 60 minutes! It was great experience and hopefully I can PR my time now that I have checked one off and done.
For your info a 10K is 6.2 miles!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where did Mom and Dad run off to now?

There they are!!
They went to the beach with out us??

"Why, yes we did." said mom. While we were there we saw....

Tide Pools with....

Hermit Crabs
More starfish =)
We hiked all around yaquina state park and into the devils punch bowl!
And boy was it windy there!

Just look at that view! Can you believe it!

Look, I am holding up the light house! Or am I?

Mommy loves Daddy so much! =) On the way to the beach we were able to hike Silver Creek Falls and see the beautiful waterfalls and scenery but mommy forgot her camera so we have no pictures. Bummer! We hope you had fun with your Grandparents!
A HUGE thank you to the Grandparents who made this possible!
It was a wonderful weekend =)


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