Thursday, August 20, 2009

Their baaaaaaaack!

My kids returned last night from their stay with the Grandparents, tired, worn, and full of stories to tell. I must say that our family is SPOILED to have both sets of grandparents so close. We love them dearly and know it a blessing to have them around our children as they grow .

Some of my childhood summers and afternoons were spent at my grandparents house watching my grandfather wood work, playing in the back yard with the tractors and toy cars and watching my grandmother cook and garden....her homemade egg noodles were my favorite. I never knew my father's parents very well except the two times I met my grandfather when I was very young. He was a famous researcher, researching the earliest results for in-vitro fertilization and writing the book "How to Choose the Sex of your baby" by Landrum Shettles. Its saddens me I never knew him better so it is with that, I feel gratitude to have my children have both sets of grandparents active and apart of their lives.

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