Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where did Mom and Dad run off to now?

There they are!!
They went to the beach with out us??

"Why, yes we did." said mom. While we were there we saw....

Tide Pools with....

Hermit Crabs
More starfish =)
We hiked all around yaquina state park and into the devils punch bowl!
And boy was it windy there!

Just look at that view! Can you believe it!

Look, I am holding up the light house! Or am I?

Mommy loves Daddy so much! =) On the way to the beach we were able to hike Silver Creek Falls and see the beautiful waterfalls and scenery but mommy forgot her camera so we have no pictures. Bummer! We hope you had fun with your Grandparents!
A HUGE thank you to the Grandparents who made this possible!
It was a wonderful weekend =)

1 comment:

Auntie Michelle said...

You two are 2 cute! Im glad you had a fun getaway and made it to Silver Falls! :-)


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