Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello! Hello, I am back to the blogosphere!

Yeah..... it seems I forget about blogging and them blog 6-7 posts at a time. Sorry for the back log. There are a few posts below. Enjoy :)


We have a farm field in our neighborhood that houses a couple of sweet horses. My kids adore them so we go down at least once a week to feed them an apple or a carrot. Taylor insists we need a horse for our backyard......riiiiiiight, and where would i put it?...along with all of the manure :)

New sets of Wheels

Turning 5 deserves a big boy bike
Hurray! I get to keep up with the big kids now!

Proud of his new "spiderman bike."

Look at these two all grown-up!

I laughed when I saw this sign on Taylors Bike!

Come on mom, you ready to go???
The youngest members of our household traded their old sets of wheels for bigger and better things. Taylor got a Spiderman bike and Chloe got a previously owned bike from Keith's co-worker (it serisouly still looks new). We just put some better training wheels on it. Now just to get my bike fixed before summer rolls around!!

I ate a smurf

"MUH -HA- HA- HA" I am going to keep this picture for all of her dates when she is a teenager!
Cause: She tried to eat the fruit smelling markers.
I laughed when keith said "It looks like she ate a smurf."

Cookie Lollipops

For Taylors' party at pre-school this year I made a cookie bouquet. They were a ton of fun to make and acually pretty simple. What took so long was the decorating. I think for my first batch that they turned out cute. I am excited to try new and creative ideas in the future. These would be SUPER cute for the fourth of July with flags and stars if you were having a BBQ ;).

Go Daisies!

We are lucky to have A.Y.S.O here in A. The soccer organization is very organized and does a wonderful job at training coaches and making sure the kids have fun. Keith coached Fall and Spring for Diana's U8 team this year and did a fabulous job because every girl on that team improved remarkably under his coaching. When the spring soccer season ended we held a pizza party at a local downtown pizzaria with metals and awards :). A job well done!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was looking at the last post and did not realize it had been almost a full three weeks since I have last posted. I have tons of pictures and stories I need to post. I will get to it here in the next few days :).....See you soon!


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