Sunday, September 26, 2010

My day

I woke up and kissed this guy.......

Got DOG PILED by my three musketeers.

Then proceeded to start our Saturday tradition of family brunch.

I put a little of this and adjusted a little of that in my faithful Kitchen-Aid mixer and came up with the MOST delicious recipe for Apple muffins....

They are to die for.

No really that are.

We stuffed ourselves silly and dog piled in my bed again to lounge and snuggle.

F.Y.I. : 5 people in a queen size bed is not fitting how it used to when they were younger.
Taylor's stinky feet somehow made it near my face and Chloe's cold toes on my back. Hmmm.....

We dashed in the shower after being MIGHTY lazy on our Saturday morning and got ready and out the door for this guys soccer game.....

He tore up the field and really put himself our there with the big boys.
He is the shortest on the team but our little fireball.
He makes me a proud mama.

His team won 3-0.....I'm just saying =-)

Retreating to the shade after the game

After the game we went home and ate lunch while I got myself all PURDY and clean to go watch the LDS
Relief Society worldwide broadcast.

I loved the inspirational messages from all the leaders of our wonderful church. I really needed to hear some of those messages.

My favorite quote from the night: "If you judge you do not have time to love." Mother Teresa

Afterward the broadcast Karina and I headed out to dinner with her fabulous Mom and ate out at a pretty good Thai place. I full filled the egg role craving I have been having for awhile.

As you can see we got a little distracted afterwards shopping.....

A great saturday with the friends and family I love.

I can not think of a better way to spend my saturday.....
Can you?


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