Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend at the coast

After California we were able to catch up with some old friends from our college days at OSU at Cannon Beach for an afternoon of playing on the beach and dining at Mo"s afterwards. In all the fun in catching up I only shot one picture the whole afternoon! Boo. Our friends have four beautiful children now and Claire who is pictured below is the same age as Diana. They look like sisters! It was a lot of fun to catch up and see their baby who was just a newborn when they left and their newest addition. Thanks J Family!

Diana stole a shot of us!

Taylor working industriously on making a dam with some water and sand.

Father and son using their engineering brains to make a river system. It was quite the afternoon project.

The Final result. Pictures do not do the final prioject justice. Kids from all around loved it.

Psst!  I love this man!

After leaving Cannon Beach we took a drive into Seaside to steal a ride on the old time carousel and grab some .75 Tillamook Ice cream cones. My favorite flavor was was the Sticky Bun. It was like eating a cinnabon in icecream form. Amazing stuff!

The kids were rocking the rainbow sherbert.

Taylor on his knight horse.

Diana on her black stallion.

Clo-bear my pretty princess

The next morning we headed out to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I had not been there since I was 12 and wanted to take the kiddos to see the cheese making process and of course to eat Squeaky Cheese!

Don't you think they would make cute little farmers?
Maybe all that  energy that have would go well towards farm chores!

A cheese cutter.

Number one and Two checking out how they package the cheese blocks.

After a fabulous lunch of cheese, ice cream, and jerky we headed north through Garibaldi
and made a pit stop at the Maritime Museum.
The kids loved all the pirate and sailor history in the museum . They even had a CUTE kids area where you could make a bucket like they had on the ships to mop and cook and other fun activities.

Taylor the engineer directed us all in how to put it together

Who are these two did they get in here?!?

Taylor in his HUGE sailor pants. He wanted to take the hat home.....the replica in the shop downstairs cost $60.00......Mom said "No."

Chloe playing a sailor boy.

Keithie boy.

HA HA HA.....He hates it when I call him that.....

The medical kit doctors used to use on ships.
Most ships did not have dcotors....the captain used it. SO glad I was born when I was born. I love my antibactial cleaners, plumbing, CLEAN water, and so on. That saw looks like it should go into a tool box not a doctors kit!

It was a RELAXING, AMAZING (I say that word a lot) weekend with my husband and kids on the coast.
We needed it
 I am so blessed beyond measure to have the life I am living. Life is so so good.



Carrie said...

Yes, that was so much fun seeing you guys again! Next time it would be so fun to have a game night with cheese cake!!!! If there is a time in August or a weekend this fall let us know!!!! Oh and we'll definitely take more pictures :)

Auntie Michelle said...

Were you at the Factory on Sunday? We were too! Wierd how our little worlds collide! But it was SOOOO busy by the time we were there we did not stay long!


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