Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW school

My baby Girl is 7 1/2 now and Started 2nd grade this year at a new school here in Albany. We loved Adams the past two years for the parental involvment, activities and fabulous teachers that had to offer the students. Moving here I was picky where we bought a house due to the fact we are going to be here for awhile thus I want my kids to go to a great school where they will recieve the education that will help them in their foundation years of learning. When researching the schools I continually heard great comments on the principal, teachers and staff of periwinkle. There were other schools I would have chosen as well but this seems to be a good fit. It is a very large school, crowded would be more the right word for it. But hopefully as the new school is built next year it will take down the num. of the students out of periwinkle next year.

Her teacher is Mrs. Filley and there are "31" STUDENTS in here class. Yes you heard me 31! Yikes! I was worried when I heard that but am not worried as much now after meeting her teacher and seeing the HW come home. I was an elementary education major and I just do not know how we are supposed to give these kids the attention they need if you put 1 to 31 as the ratio! I do hope after this economic mess is fixed (will take a long time!) that education in this country really be looked at. The no Child left behind act that was passed has become the nightmare for teachers as now all that we worry about is the test score and not the student on paper. Teachers out there you really do have some of the hardest jobs out there! So keep on working hard because there are kids out there that need you...not a test score! :)

P.S I will post pictures and more about Diana later! I have to get back to writing my Talk for Sunday! Wish me luck! I am nervous! :)

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