Friday, September 26, 2008

AYSO Soccer

Diana has been playing soccer for two years now. She started in Corvallis when she was in kindergarten through AYSO and to be quite honest I signed her up to toughen up my little princess. Now two years later I have seen my little star blossom this year. Last year we saw some progress but this year I see her out there being aggressive in the girls faces and getting the ball. When I went to sign her up though in Albany, she did not have a coach soooo it ended up that my terrific and wonderful husband is coaching her team the Dasisies. He went through all the training and spends time thinking out drills and exercises for practice.

** Keith practicing with the Daisies **

The first game went not so good as it ended 9-0 ( hello.... there was this girl that made 8 out of the 9 that was like soccer skipper!). The following game was a much improvment over the week before! Diana and her team won 5-0! Keith was really proud of his team and I think it helped boost their spirt from the previous loss earlier.

Chloe at Diana's Soccer practice. I just LUUUuuv this dress on her. This girl would wear a dress everyday if she could. Even in winter she wears dresses with her jeans under the dress!

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Christa said...

Way to go Keith! Chloe looks adorable in that dress, she's such a sweetheart. Way to go Diana being goalie!!


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