Monday, September 29, 2008

I am new to this blogging world but I saw that I was tagged by Heather so I have to write a list of interesting and weird things about myself. Hmm lets get started.....

1. When I was little I would dress up my little brother in girls clothes (including rollers) because I wanted a sister. That stopped when my brother told my dad he wanted to be a girl. Oops!

2. I married my highschool sweetheart.

3. 2 of my babies were born on their duedates

4. I have a famous Grandfather who was one of the pre-revolutionaries to work with In-vitro Fertilization and the method "how to choose the sex of your baby."

5. In high school almost everything I wore and decorated my room with was limegreen

6. I love to eat left over onionrings from Red Robin wrapped with a Fried Egg in the morning for breakfast (Not healthy at all!)

7. I wish I could be Ann Shirley and Diana Berry's friend (I Love the ann of Green Gable Series)

8. I am absolutly in love with sean connery's voice (yes keith knows).

9. I used to be quite good at drawing when I was younger but stopped (could kick myself in the butt for that one!)

10. Someday I want to publish a Childrens Book

Alright.... I Tag Jenny and Jen!

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