Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Measurement and Disneyland

For the past few months the kids have known that we were planning a family vacation down to Disneyland. Early on Diana asked if she could ride all of the rides. I explained to her that since some were fast or designed for older people such as teenagers, adults.
"They require you to be so big" I said. "A certain height or inches."
" How tall do I need to be" Diana asked.

That started a frantic search through the Disneyland website looking at each of the attractions to see what their ride requirements were for riders. She then proceeded to create a chart for each family member and what they could ride (so cute). We then for FHE measured everyone to see how tall they were. Diana 50, Taylor 43, Chloe....I forget right now but somewhere around 37-39?.

Here's the funny part....I have been getting them to eat their meat and Veggies for the past few months because they need their "vitamins and protein" to grow "taller" for Disneyland. LOL!! How horrible is that! (wink wink..... it has worked)

Is this bad???
Now What do I do when I get back.....:)?!? LOL


Our Family said...

How funny! I have been doing the same thing with vitamins. "You need to take your vitamins so you are not sick while we are at Disneyland". I don't think it is bad at all - you just need to think up a new excuse for when you return or maybe they will be use to it by then.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I have been telling Jonathan at night that he needs to get to bed so he can grow that extra 1/2 inch before we leave for Disneyland! (he is about 39.5 inches and needs to be 40 by April - I hope he makes it!!)

Christa said...

I'm pretty sure Diana can go on everything, the tallest ride I saw was 48" Sooo exciting, you guys are going to have so much fun!! I can't wait to see all your pics!


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