Friday, January 23, 2009

Kris here you go ;)

My muscle tech instructor also keeps blog in which she listed 25 random facts about herself. They were funny and surprising (in a good way Kris). So in honor...I will list 25 random things about myself.

1. I love love love planning parties. I get into the whole planning the decorations, theme, accessories...well you get the idea. Now I do not always have the money to do everything I want, but hey that's the whole fun of it, being creative!

2.I am scared of being bored. I have OCD about being busy...ask my mom. I have always been this way. I always am trying something new to learn or do or taking on a new project. I figure its better than just sitting ....SCARY!!

3.Unlike my instructor, I kick people out of beds when sleeping. Every morning when I wake up my husband is hugging the edge of the bed with "very" little covers. I do not know what I am doing when I am sleeping but I guess I am pretty ruthless.
** update now after years of being battered in bed...Mr. N sleeps with a separate blanket so he does not get hypothermia **

4. I have a "LOVE" obsession with onions. If I could eat Red Robins tower of Onion Rings everyday and not be the size of a blimp... I WOULD!

5.My biggest pet peeve is being LIED too!

6.Someday when my children are grown or older, I am going to go back to school and get a masters in Nursing so I can become a midwife and deliver LOTS of babies.

7. I want to buy an old Victorian home along the seashore or in the country with my husband when we are in retirement.

8.I am a science nerd. I love watching science medical shows on TLC or dateline specials.

9. Do not wake me up when sleeping. I am extremely CRABBY! I will bite your head off. Sad but true.

10. I love serving people. "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are in the service of your god."

11. I LOVE HOME IMPROVEMENTS! I am not scared in this dept. I am the one going to home depot and reading the Home Improvement books. Some of the guys at home depot know me and my kids name. There is something about ripping out the old and rebuilding that is extremely gratifying. I have fixed Garbage disposals, dishwashers, huge holes in the wall, textured, painted, weather proofed my home....very fun for me because my house is like one "huge" craft project.

12. I do not mate my socks. I have a huge sock box in my bedroom that everyone goes to to find socks. Some day I will mate them all and when I do I will throw a sock hop in honor.

13. I have lots of Ideas to write children's books. Now I just need to sit down and write one!

14. Cooking is an adventure for me but baking is where my passion is in the kitchen.

15. I mooned a car full of missionaries once on accident. True story!

16. Out of all the guys I dated or went on dates with, I only ever dated one white guy. Weird but true. ** who would have guessed I would have married an Asian?!? **

17.I have a weird thing about my socks. I have to have the seam at the end. Sorry but i just bugs me?!?!!

18.When you get me started on a project I seem to have tunnel vision and forget all else! This can be bad and good, its all on how you look at it.

19. A good friend to me is someone who truly listens. I have been blessed in this department. Yow know you are ;)

20. I despise people who are clicky! I do not like to leave people out. My whole life I love to befriend those who are in the shadows. They are the ones who truly need a friend and who have become some of my best friends. There is no need ever to leave a fellow sister along the wayside!!

21. One of my favorite moments as a mother is watching my newborn baby sleep in my arms early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. It is experiencing a little piece of heaven on earth!

22. I love making dinner for other people. DO not ask me why but I DO!! I just love the look on their face and how it makes them feel. I know personally, and you know who you are...there are some dinners that were brought to me on nights I really needed them.

23. I have been blonde (i mean blonde!!), red hair, red-purplish hair (The YW loved that one....I was the cool leader), black (for one week, not good), dark brown, light brown, auburn, ok....pretty much the whole color AISLE!!

24. Relief society. Ahhh, what can I say. I was in primary for 5 years and YW for 2 1/2. I forgot what I was missing. I love the sisters!

25. I am in shock that my daughter is going to be 8. She is now in SENIOR primary at church. I have been truly blessed by this little girls sweet spirit. Diana rose I love you and am proud beyond measure!


Kris Farrar said...

I LOVED reading that! The one thing I was hoping for, was a picture of you in your roller derby get-up! LOL on the missionary moon! (I accidently squirted a cop once with a "water weinie." BOY was he mad!)

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

AHhh yes I should have done the roller derby outfit!! That was a good year. I will have to make a list of 50 and post the pic! LOL!

P.S I love the fact that you have squirted a COP!! ;)

Auntie Michelle said...

Hey Rachel! I loved reading this too! You had a mooning fetish in high school that I forgot all about until reading this! Remember that day we were all driving in the car on a colorguard break and you pointed out to me that we wear the same bra? HA HA HA...

How long have you and Keith been married now? Is it getting close to 10??

Anonymous said...

That was some funny things to read lol!! I can't believe that you don't have more crazy things on your list??


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