Monday, January 26, 2009

Knives, balls, and unicycles

(photos courtesy of J.D...thanks...My camera is broken and not coming until tues!)

This weekend while my poor husband had to work again :(, I took the kids to the A. Parks and Rec Juggling Show. The parks and rec schedule several performances a year for children that include Chinese acrobats, magic shows, jugglers. Best of all it is free. On Saturday we went to see the Juggler. He was quite funny and best of all was a great act to watch for all ages. We showed up on time and it was PACKED!!

Taylor's favorite part was when he climbed up the row of swords and juggled 3 swords at the top. I told him "not at home!" When he came home he grabbed his play sword and was trying to juggle it. SO cute! While leaving there was a fountain outside the forum. Chloe leaned over a little to far and "plop" went her shoe. I just had to laugh since I had told her not to get to close ;). She was upset but dry :)!


Jennifer said...

It was a great show, wasn't it? I love that Chloe dropped her shoe in the fountain! Hope it wasn't too cold!

Diana told us during the show that Keith can juggle - is that true?

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

Yes :)....Keith can juggle. He is pretty good...hey maybe we should have diana hoola hooping and keith juggling and we could have a show

BluBabes said...

Loved seeing you there. I still have to blog about it.


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