Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chef Chlo-Bear

Saturday mornings are the day for pancakes, whip cream, sticky buns, omlets, bacon, sausage, muffins, hashbrowns....ok you get the point....we LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast food on the weekend. Well since church is at the blessed hour of 9am we do our large brunches on Saturday mornings now. I pick out a helper and they get to help me in the kitchen with all of the wonderful cooking.

Saturday morning we decided to use my FABULOUS griddle my mother gave me for christmas (seriously for a family of 5, I can not believe I did not have one of those sooner!) to make mickey mouse pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I love this picture of chloe because she was right up there helping me cook (cough Cough, I mean eat all of my pancakes ;) !

I love this girl! She from the begining has been my little fire bean. She loves helping her mommy cook and especially stir! I love you Chloe! One day will be a wonderful chef ;)


Jennifer said...

I love my griddle!! We have had one since we got married and would not live without one :)

Mmm... we love out breakfast food too - just at night. None of us here are big eaters in the morning :P Have you tried Novak's breakfast? It is soooo good. Right now they have a coupon for buy one get one free on their french toast (good until the end of Feb) I'll send you a copy if you want to try them out!

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

Nice! I would love a copy if that is ok! We have not been to Novaks since we have moved here. Is it good? I take it is because lots of people talk about their danishes. Yummy!


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