Wednesday, January 7, 2009

swimming and sanity

So we started swimming lessons at the SA. Community Swimming pool last night. Diana and Taylor were eager to jump back into the pool literally. Their class sizes were smaller which is nice because in the summer "EVERYONE" decides to put there children into lessons resulting in overloaded classes. Taylor with only three and Diana 4 in her class.

Diana has become so comfortable with the water and is almost there in completeing her requirements for level 1. She was floating and bobbing under the water with less hesitation than last time. YEAH!

Taylor of course enjoyed getting onto the float board and splashing. Being a boy, he goes straight for the more desirable parts of lessons like jumping into the pool, and playing with the pool toys....not learning how to kick properly. ;)

I am so grateful for this great program near by! It has made me want to start swimming again! We as a family mainly go swimming together in the summer at our local swim parks. We should go more often though as it would be good for my husband (he does not like swimming) and my kids!! Lessons were a wee bit hetic though because my husband is coaching the YM basketball team..."Go three lakes ward" and has youth mutal afterwards. So needless to say I am taking my kid train and the swim tub with me to the pool all by myself :)

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