Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phone calls

Yesterday I got a call.
I picked up the phone and I looked at the in coming caller
I thought it had was for me
A friend returning a call I had made earlier
On the other line was her son's voice.....
I said "Hello", and asked for his mother (a bit confused)

His mother got onto the phone and
After three seconds of chit chat, I realized....
She had not made the call.

Her son had.

For my oldest daughter....

A few days before his mom had told me, her son had told my daughter (who likes this boy too) at recess, that he liked her.

In stunned silence...

My oldest said nothing.

Needless to say...

by women already.

I asked my oldest why she didn't say anything...

She said "I've never talked with boys mom. What do you say to them???"

I laughed and hugged her

And told her next time to say "Thank you."

I handed the phone over to my daughter

and she whispered "I don't know what to say!"

I guess she figured it out after a few minutes since I heard her laugh ;)

And that my friends....

means we are officially into the tweens.

The whole thing was very sweet to watch

and brought back memories of my 5th grade crushes and junior high "loves"

Oh childhood....

What an adventure and the things you learn. 

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