Monday, June 11, 2012

Reality struck

I am an active member of my children's PTA at school. Today we had 2 staff retiring, and two moving to another school, one of which was our beloved Principal, Ms. Stephens. Gifts were put together, a scrapbook photobook made; all collected to give at the end of the year assembly this morning.
I walked into the school and I was not ready for what was in front of me.

The main display case in the hall way had been decorated with graduation items.

Black graduation caps, balloons, confetti, and a huge sign that said "Congratulations Class of 2019. Best wishes in Middle School."

That's when it stuck me.....

I will have a middle schooler next year.

Yes, let me sit down.

I am not ready for this but know it is going to happen whether I like it or not.

My baby girl is ready.

She is going to do so well next year. She is a good girl and I know I have to let her spread her wings....
For that is life and without these experiences, there is no growth.

Wish me luck. 5th grade graduation is on wednesday, and I'm bringing the tissues!

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