Friday, April 2, 2010


I went to Big five yesterday to pick up the loot for Diana's softball gear and Taylor's T-ball uniform.....TOTAL over $100.00. Did I mention kids are expensive ...but worth it! =-) They both started A. Little League three weeks ago, Diana participating in Junior Softball, and Taylor starting off with T-ball. Keith took over the position of Coach for Taylor's team and is on the board for Little league so we are fully engrossed in "baseball" at the moment. I always wanted to play softball as a kid so it has been fun to see my kids involved and excited to throw, pitch, hit and catch. Before the season started we headed off to the store to pick out a mitt for each was busy so he sent me...LUCKILY it all worked out and we did not have to return mitts ( I have no clue how a mitt is supposed to fit?!?).

Opening ceremonies is this Saturday at the local high school gym, an opportunity to get the players and parents excited for the upcoming little league season. Each team will get to present themselves. Diana is on the Fire birds and Taylor is a BAT. When Taylor came home yesterday with his uniform and hat on I melted. He was was SOOOO cute, I made a snapshot in my memory of that moment. Dirt covered his shoes, sweat and mitt on hand, I loved his 5 year old enthusiasm for the game. I am proud of him and his father. Keith is such a good father. I can not say that enough. He loves his kids, working profusely to make their dreams and goals come true at every age.

On another note I bought a camera! If you did not already notice the lack of pictures lately, my camera broke. I bought one at Costco two weeks ago before spring break and IT WAS HORRIBLE! Luckily Costco has an incredible return policy and gave me my money back promptly. I found a better camera and still have YET to try it out with how busy everything has been! I am hoping to get my new Nikon camera open and ready for business tonight so I can try it out over the Easter weekend.

I will write about spring break later....until then...STAY dry and have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

Rach =-)

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Marjorie said...

Cool! You appear to have a very loving relationship with your husband...I love that...wish the world was full of it.


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