Thursday, August 22, 2013


Some days I look at my husband and stop.
I think to myself, "What did he EVER see in me?"
He is such a caring, sweet, attentive husband who thinks about others before his needs.
He is there for me, to cheer me on, to support me, and best of all to be my best friend.
I am lucky.
He was a catch.
Everyday I try to better myself so I can be a better wife to him.
For the past few years I've had a stove and washer and dryer set that worked....
 haphazardly and that kept on going because his attentiveness to fixing them whenever they would fail.
It was nothing that really bugged me per say but when the dryer broke for the millionth time right after Charleigh was born (well it seemed like that least to me....12 loads at the laundry mat is no small feat to accomplish pregnant or with a new baby), I had had it.
Part after part had been ordered and hours of fixing appliances was starting to wear on my poor husband.
Poor guy!
But not ONCE did he complain.
He would look up you tube videos or read up on literature to figure out the problem so we did not have to pay money for someone to come out and fix it.
Well in May he learned of a program at work that would allow him to earn money if he biked so many miles to work. He then, had the idea to use that money to but new appliances.
I was NOT happy when he suggested this to me one night.
He said, "The money can be used to buy you a new washer and dryer and oven. It would make your life easier."
I replied, "NO! You will have to bike along 15 miles of a BUSY highway to get to work (well 7 miles of it is along the hwy)."
Long story short: My husband is stubborn and loves me.
When he puts his mind to it, he does it.
Today, he finished biking all of those miles and to support him we went and cheered him on as he biked home.
The kids would get out and yell, "GO DAD!!!"
We must have look CRAZY stopping so much along the road to do so but WHO CARES.
It was so much fun :).
That man is amazing and each time I hear my new washer and dryer sing to me, I think of my husband and how much he loves me.

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