Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I think it is sad that in this world, cheerfulness and optimism are not valued enough. There is SO much negative in the world with what is in the media, the way we talk to one another, and the societal shift in how we perceive happiness. Happiness now equates to things, and this is mine and look at me and a shift to me me me. I mean do not get me wrong, it is good to be proud of our accomplishments by all means but what I am talking about is truly being humble when serving one another for one purpose only, that being  the desire to serve your fellowman to become a better person - not for glory.
One of my goals this year is to keep a blog for a year, tracking my journey on how my perspective changes in being optimistic and grateful.
I feel like when I am counting my blessings, they seem to add up faster than when I am looking down and focusing on the negative. I am hoping with this little experiment of mine for 2014, that I will see the sunny moments in my day that God sends down to me so I will have the desire to give back more, to serve more and become that person I want to become. I hope that even on those bleak days, I will be able to stop and always see what he is trying to tell me. When we are in tune with our Heavenly Father, we can move mountains and if being more grateful gets me there, by golly I am doing it!

Want to join me? 

Some of my goals other than this for the year are: 

1. To run 2 half marathons
2. To hit my high school graduation weight
3. To read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. 
4. To run a 5K in 25 - 26 minutes. 
5. To keep a gratitude blog for 365 days (Mine is below)
6. To read a spiritual book once a month 
7. Save up money to surprise my daughter with a trip to Disneyland
8. Make each of my kids a quilt for their beds for Christmas. 
9. Run Hood to Coast again
10. To meditate for 10 minutes a day

2014 is going to be a great year!

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