Monday, March 9, 2009

Cable $$$

So I have been a loyal Comcast Customer for the past 6 years but the time came that my husband and I made the decision to disconnect the cable to make more family time. We both found that as a goal of ours we want to spend more time together and less wasting time. Sooo after calling comcast I am going to be saving $78.00 a month!!

78 x 12 = a savings of $936.oo a year!! I kept my same internet and now have basic phone with qwest for 12.80. Why I did not realize this savings before killllls me! Do know what we could have done with 936 more a year?!?!

(bought our kids a wooden play carpet for the upstairs....tons of things!!)

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jebandjenn simpson family said...

We got rid of cable about 4 months ago. We still watch a few of our favorite shows from the computer. I love it! It saves us money and we can spend more time together.


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