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On February 21 we left A. on the wide open road to travel down to R. California where our dear friends Shannon and Aaron live. Their house was "Beautiful", complete with stunning views of Mt. Shasta and the mountain range. It has been hard being away from their family as I do not think other than another have we been so intertwined with a set of friends. They have three kids whom are all the l same ages as ours. We did a lot together in the few shorts years we lived together as neighbors in the same complex. Bliss their oldest, had a tea-party with Diana and the rest of us enjoyed their PS-3 complete with the entire rock band set!! (note: I am not very good at drums). Taylor loved rocking out!

After that the next morning we took off bright and early to head down to Anaheim Ca. I anxious to see how our kids would act in the car because we have car sickness issues. The worries were for nothing....but seriously how did our parents do it with our DVD players? Keith and I bought a few new Disney movies for the drive down (Tinkerbell, meet the Robinson's "great family movie....brought me a few tears", wall-e, and Ariel's new beginning) and I made the kids travel bags with a new coloring book, crayons, puzzles and a new book. With all of the preparations the kids did fabulous! Not one meltdown!! :) :)
was great!
Our timeshare, the Peacock suits was notable. We had a room for the girls, Taylor, us and my in-laws. Each room shut off for privacy. It worked out great. Monday Morning bright and early we headed off to the Magic Kingdom for a day off fun at Fantasy land. When we first entered the gates Chloe saw Alice and she was in shock. "Mom, its Aw-ice. Aw-ice" I thought she was going to pee her pants.

Alice did a great job...she even had the British accent to go along with it!

We spend 5 days at Disneyland one of which was Diana's 8th Birthday. I loved how Disney is doing the birthday deal right now where you get free admission or a gift card. Diana took the birthday money Whenever we would get off a ride the kids would say "Lets ride it again!!", ESPECIALLY THE ROCKET RIDE in Tomorrow land. We rode it 9 times through out our visit.

Some favorite rides with the nye crew were: Star tours, SPLASH MOUNTAIN, Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, tea cups well....pretty much everything but "scream" in California, the large roller coaster....none of us are big fans of going upside down.

Funny story..... A couple of days ago I was asking Taylor what his favorite ride was and he replied "I loved Space Mountain."

Really Taylor? I said. I though you were scared because it went to fast and that mommy had to hold you.

After a moment to think he said "Ahh wrong mountain mommy. I meant SPLASH-MOUNTAIN." (He rode it 4 times).


We had a wonderful wonderful adventure. We got to eat at the Ariels Grotto, Goofy's Kitchen, rainforest cafe for Diana's Birthday and other delicious destinations. I will have to say though, the food in Disneyland other than the Character Breakfasts (meals) are not worth it AT ALL! You pay an arm and a leg for nothing. We took picnic lunches everyday and stored them in a locker to save $$$. It really did save a LOT :). The Girls really enjoyed Ariels Grotto where they were able to dine with the princesses, and see prine charming. Chloes favorite was Cinderella. Taylor enjoyed Goofy at his kitchen where he got to sing and help make a cake. SO Cute!! I love my kids!

Over the course of the week we spent time with our friends switching on and off with the younger and olders kids. It really allowed us to catch a lot of rides and attractions in the parks specified to each age group. One day I met up with shannon at Tinkerbells "fairy" forest where we were able to have the girls meet "tinks" fairy friends and herself. Afterwards I allowed each of my georgous daughters to have their faces painted. Diana had a to die for image of roses and Chloe a Butterfly and flower (no surprise there in how much she adores butterflies).

Fantasia, the nighttime show was a light and firework production where an assortment of past and present disney characters and villians come together, Mickey being the central wizarding character. We got great spots in new orleans square and were able to have the kids try out their light swords and glow sticks. Later on in the week, my in-laws were able to watch our kids while we went on a date in Disneyland. That was a huge highlight of our vacation for me, to be able to walk hand in hand down the streets of the magic kingdom, ahhhhh. We were able to hit over 8 rides and ride splash mountain twice with out getting off because we went during fantasia! So while the light show was going on we rode the rides. The next morning, I was T-I-R-E-D! It was worth it though to have a date in Disneyland (wink wink).

It brought me much sadness to leave but the time did come and on the last day we finished with the jungle cruise, splash mountain again, the rockets, the new and improved Its a Small world and a few others. We let the children play in "Its Bugs Life" water features before we left. They were soaked through and through!!! A wonderful end to a HOT busy saturday at Disneyland.

We will visit you again Disneyland when Taylor turns 8! Just you wait! The nyes anticipate...the wait till we get to celebrate.

I will leave you all with a few fabulous pictures on the post below from the whole Disney experience. I only was able to cover a smidge of our vacation but I hope you all enjoyed it. I recommend it to all ages. No one is ever to old for Mickey Mouse ;)

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