Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Wonderful Wife

       My wife is an amazing woman. I know every husband may think so, but I just wanted to make sure my wife knew I thought so. Super mom's may come far and wide, but ours is very loved. She's always busy, from the time she wakes up and makes the kids lunches, actually drops them off at each of their schools for drop off and pick up, then goes onto to teach  pre-school, and still has patience at the end of the day with the kids and hubby :-). She keeps our house filled with wonderful cooking smells(Love those Chocolate chip cookies- Ugg that's why I can't lose weight ;) ), Keeps her hubby on track with Family home evening and reading our daily scriptures ;). She even reads us all books at bed time. Wuhoo! Taylor's favorite time in the evening.... next to dinner time that is ;). She even finds time to stay on track for her marathon training.

I really appreciate her letting me out to shoot hoops and without ever complaining. Although I think she pushes me out some nights cause she needs some alone time ;). She's put up with a lot as we've grown older together. I get to coach-Soccer, Baseball and I can't ever find a cuter coaches wife ;). She's even putting up with me being Albany Little League President. She's very good at making me want to come home ;) They say behind every great man there is a great woman. I can see why because a good wife makes life easier and gives the husband the ability to accomplish more with his life. I'm very grateful for mine.

I thought I had given up running, but with her running almost every day she challenges me to run and pushes me to go harder and father. Rachel is not only my wife, but a wonderful partner I hope to learn more and more with her as we get older. I love you Rachel Lynn Nye! Your unique laugh is one of a kind and I'd know your nightin gale voice anywhere. Your green eyes drive me crazy and your smile is what I look forward to the most during each day. Thank you Super Mom and your family loves and appreciates you! Even when we're driving you crazy!

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Satina said...

Ahhhh! I think I might cry. That is very sweet! I enjoyed reading it, although I felt like I was eaves dropping on a private moment between you two. It is so encouraging when we are reminded that our wonderful husbands think we are wonderful too!


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