Friday, December 10, 2010

4 weeks

 The last time this blog had a new post on it was a month ago when my sweet husband surprised me with a heartfelt note. I did not have the heart to take it off until recently but figure its been almost a whole month so its time for a change especially since Halloween and Thanksgiving have now past. My camera was missing for a good part of the month so essentially not many pictures were taken. Now that's its December 10th, its time to get my rear in gear and start taking pictures again!

Halloween around here was relaxed and amazing because my mother who loves to sew for the kids once again wowed us in making Diana and Chloe's Angel and Tinkerbell costumes. We all appreciated her hard work especially two very happy little girls.
♥ Diana rose as an Angel ♥

Taylor as the evil Pirate
* Note: His dad made him the COOLEST homemade wooden sword with his new table saw. *
Thanks honey ;-)

Clo-Bear as Tinkerbell.
She LOVED putting on make up. This girl is defiantly my glitzy glam girl as she has already asked to wear makeup and get her ears pierced.....
oh my!

Clo-bear with her friends at her classroom Halloween Party

Mrs. D reading a Halloween story to Clo-bears Class

Chloe in her Halloween Parade at school

These kids are my life, my purpose and my eternal happiness.
I love them beyond words

Diana at our church Halloween party and trunk or treat

Chloe at the Trunk or Treat

Taylor making a potion at the Halloween word: GROSS. I hope they do not ever do this again.
My kids did not even taste it.
It just gives me shivers thinking of it...

After Halloween we got the CRAZY idea to GUT the bathroom.....
Whose idea was that anyway ?!?!?

I did not take a before a picture but was able to get a picture of Keith doing demolition to our floor :)

The bathroom has a new tile floor, paint, light fixtures, refinished bathroom cabinet, faucets, bathroom fixtures...and the list still has many more to-dos but ever so slowly we will get those done. A final picture will come soon I assure you. Remodeling with children is done one step at a time.....

Thanksgiving this year was amazing and crazy. We hosted it at our home this year, literally cleaning up renovation stuff an hour before people got here. NEVER again will I do that to myself. It was just plain ol'crazy of me to think we could get the bathroom done in one week with how busy our schedules are. Oh live and learn, right?

Karina (My sis and the kids godmother), her mom Sandy, my parents and my brothers made for a full house. The food was delicious and no one was left hungry thats for sure. Sandy made this delicious cream puff that was low fat and amazing to the palet. I am definatley making those again sometime soon as they were incredible. I want to post the recipe sometime here soon!

In the morning I woke up bright and early to get the turkey ready for the overn and afterwards geared up to go run a Thanksgiving 3.75v mile race with my cousin Jenny. I had a blast and want to make it a annual tradition. I mean can't feeling guilty eating all that mouth water food when you worked out right ...wink wink.

Jenny and I are at the top left and I am wearing a hat.
I actually had a good race picture that morning considering in all my races I usually look pretty dorky in my opinion but hey who looks their best while exercising. Were not there to look our best :).

Life is good people.
I had a great talk in church a couple of weeks ago.....
I have found my love of running and am running a half marathon this weekend with a dear friend....
Teaching has been incredible especially with my coworker...(love her!)...
Great time with friends.....

I could be here for another hour blogging but I do not want to bore you and I also need to get upstairs to organize and finish sewing some homemade PJ pants for my kiddos.

Merry Christmas and may I be better about blogging.


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