Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This world can be very scary and at times frightening at how the Internet can in one second turn a happy family blog into a place where horrible creatures take family pictures and lure them to obscene pornographic websites. After having many friends and various people I know having their private family photos taken, then posted onto PORNOGRAPHIC and other horrible websites, i decided today to go private. It was the last straw. My kids are my world, my reason, and my purpose. I hope you all understand. I love you all and my family and this is my way of keeping them safe.



Julia Davis said...

It's crazy huh. Thank you for the invite! Private blogs are so IN right now. :)

Ashlee said...

I agree. I had mine private at one time but some family members wont get on blogger so they miss out. I wish I could go back private.
Julie Davis- where was your picture taken? I love it! And as a photographer trying to find new places to take families for pictures. :)


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