Sunday, March 20, 2011

New beginings

Its 2011 and its been four months since I touched this blog. Time flew before I knew it and here I sit, shaking my head at all that's happened inbetween now and then. Christmas, New years, marathon training, Diana's birthday, our anniversary, and so much more. Our life seems to be a never ending craze of events filled with sports, dance, jobs, church commitments, community service to various organizations.....I am looking forward to summer when all I will do is be barefoot and free in  my backyard with my three brown eyed love bugs.

To catch up this blog I am going to go at lightening speed and quickly post a few key pictures from the past few months  with someone commented on FB, I should really just write "some stuff happened!" and leave it at that but it being me and who I am....and as funny as that would be, I can't for memories sake. So hold on to your seats and here's the Nye family catch up!


Christmas eve tradition: Making sugar cookies as a family! A must-do yummy activity.....

Christmas morning baking

Clo-bear decorating her sugar cookies. I just love her smile =-)

Wearing the necklace big sister made for her!

Matching pajama's mommy made! =-)


My three hooligans and their Christmas eve  pajama's I made.

Christmas dinner with my whole family!  It was a easy going, good food day with my family. What more could you ask for!

Zoolights with Godmother Karina

To read what the Oregon zoo zoo lights are, read about it HERE.

Auntie Karina with her nieces and nephew

So sad that this family picture did not turn out more clear....

Me and my sis on the zoo train.

♥ Chloe bear ♥

HA HA HA....I just love Chloe's expression in this picture, "Mom, I am so done. I just want some hot chocolate and my cookie!"

Great experience if you have a chance to take your family during the holiday season. We've now gone twice with the kids and love it. Each time we've gone there seems to be something new and fun to check out.

Hood to Coast

I gathered 12 ladies together and said lets run 197 mile together from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon :).  It happens they made a documentary about this world famous relay I am running this summer as Captain of my team "The Miss FITS".

FABULOUS movie. It really caught the spirit in what this relay is all about. It will make you cheer, cry and giddy with excitement to go run 6 miles.

My team at their luncheon in January.

Our T-shirt logo. It is going to be on a gray dri-fit shirt to let the logo really stand out.
Julia D. from my ward at church did a FANTASTIC job!

Keith has his birthday!

Chloe started Ballet

She is doing ballet once a week at a professional dance studio, working up to her dance recital in June! I can not wait to see my little bumble bee dance away on stage ♥.

Diana turned 10....yes you did hear me right!

She had friend over for a favorite things birthday party. It was a smashing success!

I made the most incredible peanut butter chocolate cheesecake for the birthday girl.

We had the most incredible anniversary week!

I stunk at taking at pictures but what I can tell you is everyday for 10 days he did something romantic everyday starting with a poem, roses, framed pictures, diamond earrings, weekend away....LONG STORY short, I have the most incredible husband. I do not know what I did to deserve him but I am holding tight.

♥ you babe!

Marathon training

11 weeks until the my first marathon!
I am EXCITED and SCARED out of my boots all at the same time, does that make sense???

Wish me luck!!

Albany Little League

At a board meeting in December, Keith was voted in to be Albany Little League president. It has been a BUSY last few months for my husband and our family. He is gone many nights because of his position in LL. I am proud of him and all of his work for the League!!

Now to get opening ceremonies over with and done, after that things should slow down =-).

Well there are a lot of things i could blog on but I am missing my kiddos so I am signing off and hoping to better blogging because it really is fun to look back. Thanks for still reading now that I am Private.....



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Satina said...

Whew! I'm exhausted! Thanks for posting all the great pictures! I loved them! You have a beautiful family and a crazy busy life. I always say that I stay busy so I stay out of trouble, hmmm...but I think being so busy sometimes gets me in trouble! Luv you!


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