Monday, June 20, 2011


I seemed to have lost all love for blogging this year.
I am thinking it was maybe the CRAZY busy schedule ....
full of little league
board meetings
church callings
volunteering at school
training for half marathons
and for the Newport Marathon
Going back to work as an assistant preschool teacher
Organizing a relay team
Being team mom
The kids sports and games and activities
and most importantly being a Mommy!

I honestly took a good hard look and there is probally more I am forgetting.....
I am burnt.

I over did it and how do I know that??

I was living life in the fast lane before I knew it,  "CRASH and BURN" happened.

I am slowing down.
I admit it
Its true
I honestly have an addiction to being busy.
If I am not doing something I start to fidget and get going on one project or another.....

I mean it's good to be busy
 Life would not be worth living with out meaning
What I am saying is....
I need to PICK and CHOOSE
what is best for MY FAMILY and for MYSELF

So keep me in check people

I am getting a button that say's "NO THANK YOU!"

And if you see me say " Yes."

Please kick me from behind....
You have my full permission to do so :).

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