Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cutie Pies

We attended Taylor's Christmas program tonight at his elementary school. Mrs. P and Mrs B. out did themselves. I know with years and years of budget cuts in public schools that there is not room for these things much anymore BUT these two women took their personal time for the last few weeks to create a cute simple Christmas program that brought the Christmas spirit into that room. Thank you so much ladies. You guys are amazing.
In his Christmas sweater and snazzy shoes on the way to the gym
He looks mighty handsome if you ask me!
Seeing dad and sisters in the audience.....

The kids looks serious before starting....

Mrs. P's and Mrs. B's Kindergarten classes

The teachers had all the kids make a surprise gift for the families.
It was absolutely adorable how excited he was to give it to us!
I love this brown eyed boy to pieces....
Taylor with his hand print tile he made for us.
I am a sap and will treasure this from now until he is 50!

Taylor and his AMAZING teacher.
She will be Chloe's teacher next year.....
*I have warned her that our fireball little girl is MUCH different than my soft spoken brown eyed boy :) *

Merry Christmas Everyone.....
I ♥ this time of year!

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