Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A bust?

Well that was a bust!
Keith and I had decided to not go camping this summer since we have a newborn
After thinking about it, we were like "Um, hello, she is non-mobile. It will be easier to go this summer and not next year when she would be eating dirt (experienced this one).
So we asked for recommendations for new stomping grounds to camp...
Now, granted this place was gorgeous and I am sure in September when it is a bit chillier, it would have been fine...
Is a NO GO in the summer time.
We stepped out and literally got swarmed with mosquitoes.
Keith and I and the kids (except Charleigh - THANK GOODNESS) all have a good amount of bug bites.
Man, am I selling you on camping or what ;)...
But alas, not all was a bust.
You ask, what can you gain from a trip like that?!?
Ah, good quality family time in the tent.
We talked for hours, read books and looked at the stars in our tent...
Our little refuge from the nasty little blood suckers that swarmed our back door!
My favorite moment of the whole trip... that I will honestly remember forever is a sweet one.
It was bed time and Charleigh was sitting in her car seat all snuggled in and warm with her pink fuzzy blanket.
Diana had pulled out a glow stick and had hung it on one of her play toys that hung from the handle of her seat.
She immediately became engrossed with it - quiet, trying to figure out what it was.
Right after that, I am not sure who, but someone turned out the lantern.
 I started to sing church songs to her softly and one by one, the kids and Keith joined in.
As we sang the song, "Families can be together forever", tears sprang to my eyes and  the spirit became strong in that tent. It was a beautiful moment and I will never forget it.
Not all was lost
But much was gained spiritually in our short visit to the woods.
I am eternally grateful for these four beautiful children and my wonderful husband who make up my eternal family.
I learned that in those situations, though it was dreary, there was much to be gained.
I just had to stop and listen for what my heavenly father had to share with me.

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