Friday, June 28, 2013


You know that voice in your head that yells," YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"
Well that was happening to me on my run this morning ...
I told it to stick it.
And although it was not my best run...
who cares.
I am out there and getting back on the horse, right?
To go from running marathons, to moving at a snails pace or basically starting all over
since I have not run in oh...8 or 9 months...
is hard for me...I am not going to lie.
But people who succeed in life very rarely listen to that voice in their head that says they can't do it.
 Instead, they use it for motivation, a reason to prove to themselves that they can acheive anything with a little bit of hard work and dreams in their pockets.
Now off the computer to snuggle with my baby girl and to enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!


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