Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have always felt my home should be a haven from the world.
A place where my kids can feel safe
A place for laughter
A place to be yourself
A place where they can be spiritually and intellectually fed
As of late, my oldest has come to realize more and more the difference between our home and the harsh realities of our world.
Middle school, hanging out with more non-LDS friends, participating in more after school activities has made my oldest more immersed in the world.
She came home very upset from a birthday party of a friend from school.
I asked her what was wrong
She replied, "Mom, those girls were saying horrible things and using words that made me feel gross. I am so happy to be home."
A reality we all face...
As society falls apart more and more
So does the family.
The youth of today are righteous warriors, going off to battle each day to be beacons to the world. They face things I NEVER could have imagined.
School shootings, immorality, dishonesty, and selfishness all at heightened levels....
Some days I wants to bundle my kids and put them in their own protected bubbles so they may never experience the evils of this world but then I would be going against the plan.
 I would be halting their eternal progression.
As mothers in Zion, it is our duty to give our kids the confidence to go into the world, to know who they are as Sons and Daughters of their Heavenly Father, so they may touch other peoples lives and come unto Christ. A duty that I take very seriously.
I am privileged to be raising these children in the latter-days.
Though there is much evil in this world - there is so much GOOD!

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