Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I remember being nervous. I remember the way you held my hand. I especially remember the way you made me blush. I remember smiling at the thought of us together, hand in hand. I remember slipping on my white dress, holding my bouquet of roses and my heart fluttering when I saw you in your tux. Our wedding day changed my life for the better. I can not imagine my life without you. You are the butter to my toast, the gleam in my eye. Most importantly, your mine and I pinch myself everyday I get to be married to you. 18 months later we were sealed happily in the Portland temple for time and all eternity. A lucky girl I am!

I love you brown eyed boy.....

forever and for always
Je t'aime mon ami

P.S WOW we look young!!


Bug said...

You guys look just the same! So cute!

P.S. Jake just climbed on my lap and said, "Hey! Thats my friend Chloe."

Angela McBride said...

Lucky girl you! Time does fly...what sweet pictures!


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