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It has been a month in half since I last posted! Geesh! Time really does fly by when you are busy. Since I last posted we have flown to LV and back, found out that we did NOT get a job, baseball and softball tryouts, young men's' basketball tournaments for Keith, increased my mileage for the half marathon in May, church activities for my calling, had an WOW experience at road runner sports that led to the discovery about several things about my feet in general as a runner, and seriously I could go OOOOOoooooon!

Before Keith and I left for Las Vegas to decide if we wanted to transfer our life and job there, He interviewed with the state of Oregon for a programming position. He even got called back for a second interview that went well but in the end it didn't work out. We were both disappointed because it would have been perfect in numerous aspects but had to swallow that it was not in gods plan for us. Alas we get up and get going again!

The "strip"

Come on you know I "had" to =-)

My Awesome husband and I at Phantom of the Opera

Me at Red Rock Canyon

Keith at Red Rock Canyon

The trip to Las Vegas was a fun moment away from daily life but disappointing as far as the business side went. I will not go in logistics other than to say that it helped us in our decision making to stay here. In July we will have been in A. for 2 years, 9 years total in the Willamette valley. Its home. I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived in this area. I can not imagine leaving the lush green valley full of hiking, farms, forests and recreation. I just can not because this is where it is. Home is where the heart is and I know that it's here in the valley. (*sappy moment ....bare with me people ;-). *)

We had an exciting weekend a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Diana's 9th birthday. Did your jaw drop?!? I know me too! She is an amazing, intelligent, funny, determined little girl. We are blessed to have her as our daughter. She decided to have her first "MAJOR" sleepover, meaning more than one friend, with 6 girls visiting us for the night. We painted nails, ate at Red Robin, did make-up, watched movies with popcorn and snacks all involving lots and lot and lots of giggles. Giggles that kept Daddy and I up until 2:30 in the morning. I didn't make it out though without not someone painting my toes. One pink and one purple, with sparkles none the less.

Mommy and the Birthday Princess

Opening up the "loot"
Daddy and his little girl =-)

The morning started at the unheard hour of 7:15!!! I know! 5 hours Barely! Breakfast made up for the lost hours of sleep with pancakes from scratch (so worth it), bacon, OJ and eggs. We sent the girls out and about to play in the backyard while we cleaned up the aftermath of popcorn, gummy worms, chips and sleeping bags that had infiltrated my living room floors. A few short hours later we had family over for cake and ice cream and presents. It was a great birthday weekend. Although my camera broke during the party, I am grateful that we were able to get most of the important pictures for memories sake :).

I ran my third 10k for the year this weekend! I carpooled down with my amazing friend A. I have been privileged to get to know A. through parks and rec here where I live. We got up BRIGHT and early to head on out to st. Paul at 6:30. It was a perfect day with clear blue skies at our backs! I LOVED it. The course is the same one I am running for the Hippie Chic half-marathon in May, except I only ran half of it for the race. The race went great at a 10 min mile pace, until at the last turn I didn't pay attention and I went off the course. I ran an extra 1/4 mile....go me....I just wanted extra credit points, right?!? AT the end of the race in Rachel style, I CHARGED the end and passed 12 or so people. I love ending a race that way, Giving it all you have at the very end! It is an incredible feeling to dig deep when you feel as if you have nothing left, you see the finish line in sight and all of a sudden you get this momentum that gets your legs all giddy and flying down the course to finish in style =-). No better way to end if you ask me.

Getting back into running this year has been good for me. I am a more mature runner now than when I was younger. I have more discipline and education on training for the longer distances. The thing that has changed is my times. In HS I ran 6.5 to 7 min miles. I now run 10 min miles. Not a bad time by any means but depressing when you know what you "USED" to do. I also realize though I am running for different reasons now that I am older. I run for strength, relaxation, and fun. In HS I ran for competition and that only. Running can teach you so many life lessons if we just listen. I will also tell you that running is not for everyone. Walking and a variety of exercises can teach just as many lessons ;-)! A healthy body is a happy body.

I am in a happy place right now even though I feel in Limbo. I am blessed with three BEAUTIFUL children and a WONDERFUL husband and people it does not get much better than that. There are many difficult things that we have gone through this year. Did they stink? You bet they did! Did I whine? Probally more than what was needed ;-). What I forgot though is that everything is for a reason. God gives us trials to make us stronger in the fourth quarter. These past couple of months have brought us closer as a family. Hand in hand I know even though we are in Limbo right now, that is OK. As a family it does not matter where you are but who you are with and what you learn from where you are at. I enjoy reading back on my blog to see the growth in my family. I need to update it more to see that growth! Scouts honor, I will be updating more ;-)!

Yours truly,


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