Thursday, January 21, 2010

My day in a nut shell

I woke up, did chores around the house, got the kids ready for school and myself ready, drove my usual morning drop off, went to exercise class, ran errans, picked taylor up from pre-school, went home to eat lunch and prepare girl scout meeting, did TONS of laundry, more cleaning, read some books to the kiddos, played mouse trap with taylor while dressing barbies, did some more exercise, got ready and showered, picked up diana from school, took husbands suit to the dry cleaners, girl scout meeting, forgot to pick up a girl scout.....oops...picked her up, then did my girl scout meeting, went home to feed kids dinner, got RS activity items prepared for the meeting, went to the church and set up, did the activity, cleaned up the activity, came home, gave the kids lots of kisses and hugs.....I AM POOPED! Time for a warm bubble bath.....ahhhhhhhh

1 comment:

april b said...

Wow! You are impressive!


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