Thursday, January 14, 2010


We don't know what the future brings but for the past few years, people have come and gone, even coming back leading us to where we are now. In 5 months IGT will pack up their bags and the show will hit the road. Whether or not we join the show, is still yet to be decided.
Even if we don't head down to hot Las Vegas I am grateful for what they have been and done in our lives. After Keith finished college they offered my husband a start. I am grateful for that. In this economy I am grateful that we have the option of having a job to go to when SO many are still out of work after 18 months. Men are even downsizing their salaries to accept jobs that are beneath them and their skills to JUST put food on the table.
Its rough but you know my daughter said it best when she said
"Mom we are not poor. We are rich because we have each other."
I sniffed and looked at my husband and said "We've done good!"
Were all rich in some way. Some of us may have elevated monetary funds in the bank. Some individuals have mansions and fast cars. But does that mean your "RICH?" No. It just means you have more money in the bank. To be rich you must look around you. Look at the family who loves you, the laughter you feel, the friend who gives you a hug when its needed most, or the sun that warms your back on a delightful spring morning. Life overflows with humble, god given riches to bless our daily lives. True riches can not be bought. Riches lay deep within our souls, creating an eternal happiness that can not be bought but experienced.


BluBabes said...

I am married to a very RICH man!

Alisa said...

Thank you for that post! It was such a good reminder to me of what I have, and what I need to focus on. Anyways, we would love having you guys here in the tri-cities!

Michaelangelo said...

Thanks for the reminder.... we are so blessed, no matter our financial situation. Good luck in getting out of Limbo!


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